Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trick or Treat - Fall Festival 2013

Seren was our little Bumble Bee.

Carys a cute Ladybug.

As per usual...
Seren didn't want her picture taken, and we were lucky to get one picture with her flower headband on and Carys kept her hat on for 10 minutes, enabling me to get a couple pictures, then for the rest of the evening wouldn't keep her hat on.

Our Darling Little Tinkers.

The girls loved seeing all the other kids dressed up and Carys was the only one who wanted her picture taken at the picture point.

What do you think of the picture point...not bad?
Well that is one of my creations. I was asked by my friend, Jessica to help to make a good picture point. She is a new friend I have come to know since moving here to Madison, she & her Hubby came from Utah, too ! You can follow her blog HERE.
 So I put my brain into go mode and got to work.

Its amazing what you can do with, fallen branches, black trash bags, duck tape, pillow case, batting , fabric, cobwebs, bats, lights, rocking chair and imagination.

Oh...I also won Best Soup! Yeah me
( I will make a post how to make my soup soon)

Look at the mice mammy!

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