Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The joys of getting older!

So nearly one year ago, I fell on what I thought then was my tailbone...Ouch! Well it took nearly 8wks to be somewhat functional again. That was until last Tuesday, when feeling spritely, as we do, even though I'm turning 43 this yr ! Ugh lol

So as I was saying, last Tuesday I decided to move the running machine (on loan from my sis-in-law) ...Anyways did that with no issues..then carried on, as you do, with a 3 & 1yr old girls as yr shadows..after the rest day running errands and filling in picture holes in walls, carting kids in out of car seats...behold ...pain in my lower back!!!

Skip forward to today...so much pain and I walking or should I say shuffling around the house as if I was 90yrs old!!! So I went to visit a chiropractor. . Dr Theon Hall in South Jordan.... Lo and behold he worked his magic.

So in the diagram of the human skeleton below, if you look at the spine where it ends by your hips/pelvis area.. There are a joint and ligaments...well as it turns out when I fell last year.. It was not my tailbone, I fell on that part of the lower hip bone where the spine meets it.. Dr. Hall said it may never heal..and that is the worst place to fall on, even more so than the tailbone...Hec I know!! The pain I felt was tremendous! I literally saw stars and couldn't breathe or oven for 30mins...Anyways back to present day...I was warmed up on a chair-bed which massaged my upper back and I had electric pulsating pads on my back where it hurt..twenty mins of relaxation..then came my adjustment!!!

I NEVER KNEW my body could crack like that..I sounded like rice krispies when you add the milk...
SNAP, CRACKLE, AND POP!!!  And my left hip was out of place by 1/2 inch!! No wonder I couldn't walk properly.

I now have to wear a super tight wrap, to hold my hips tight to heal the stretched ligaments..from my feeling like superwoman and from having 7 children... Hey you never know, I may lose an inch or two from this wrap lol or even better .... Heal my bones and ligaments.

So I have one more follow up appointment, at the chiropractors and from then on I have to still take things easy...there goes me trying out for miss world weight lifting competition .. Lol lol lol

At least now I am functional again and that is wonderful especially with my two Lil ones needing me. So I will update on how I'm doing...so to all who read my blog... Look after yourself, bend your knees to lift and don't try to be the superwoman / man to move anything too heavy...have help. From now on I know I will :-)

Monday, May 27, 2013

What's Your Excuse!

I subscribe to www.norulesjustwrite.com

I have mentioned in my 'About Me' I am a budding writer and I have so much to still learn. I love receiving emails from www.norulesjustwrite.com, as they are in partnership with Joanna Penn, check out her site too at; http://www.thecreativepenn.com/

The email I received today, which I especially liked. Here is a taster, and below it is the link to read the whole article. Enjoy reading and may it inspire you to pick up a pen, paper and write.

What's Your Excuse?
I feel at times, I have said too  many times,
I don't know how to,
I not good enough,
I don't have time, money etc..

Click here to read the article:

Both sites are informative for those who, like me need guidance and words of encouragement, that we are able to accomplish our dream come to fruition, even though it may take a little or a long while to get there. But we can get there, so we shouldn't give up when we look at a blank line or page...JUST WRITE!

So with that in mind...I'm off to work on my book! :)


Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all those who serve in the military, or who have loved ones serving this country. I am originally from Wales which is part of Great Britian, I give thanks to all men & women who serve to defend my old home of Great Britian & my new home now in which I am a citizen of... USA !

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Look at me mammy !!


I'm a big girl mam, I can carry two branches!


Seren didn't want to be left out, so she insisted on having two branches of her own :)


Daddys girls

Carys always cwch's with Jason to fall asleep and not  wanting to be left out Seren decided to climb up and cwch too!
The word 'cwch' is welsh for cuddle.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Favorite Disney Princess.

Who's your favorite Disney Princess?

Seren's favorite princess is 'Merida' from 'Brave'. Her big sister, Jodi sent Seren the Merida play dress for her birthday and as you can see, Seren did not want to take it off! She ended up falling asleep in it :)

My favorite princess is,'Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid'. Why? Well, firstly she has red hair :) and secondl,y she can swim, and who would love to swim like a mermaid....ME!! I can swim, but I am not fond of the water, especially when I get splashed or dunked! It freaks me out! Also Ariel has a wicked singing voice too.

So who's your favorite Disney Princess & Why?


My Eldest Daughter & Her Family

What a Beautiful Family.

This is my eldest daughter, Jodi & her Hubby, Simon & their 6 month daughter, Hannah.
A beautiful picture, taken by a family friend 'GingerSnapDragon" photography.


If Your Happy & You know It !

Clap Your Hands!
 Eat chalk !

 Summer is here! Time to clap your hands, Seren. Carys...wants chalk ! Lol My darling little girls love being outside in the sunshine, although the heat gets the better of us all. But we still have fun. Seren's started to sing 'If you're happy & you know it' and it fits lovely with summertime...So If you're happy & you know it... Go on...Clap Your Hands! 


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Friends !

Friends are forever!

Friendship starts off small then grows and if your lucky stays with you for, forever, even from thousands of miles apart, we still are friends. Now I have many best friends :)  but this one post, is for one in particular. I used to go to my friends Quiant home which was nestled in clusters of trees, a wonderful kind of larger babbling brook that wrapped around the side and front of the home and they had a horse, goats, chicken, pigs and cows!
I loved my time staying there, yes even when we had to get up at 6am to go 'feed the chickens' & 'milk the cows'. Her brother even had a blue VW BUG CAR!
But today I wanted to share a fun time, well more like every time I stayed, we'd watch movies, and being 14 we loved this one particular movie. All the rage at the time and has been re-made too ( which I'm biased about, I prefer the original )

So LISA, this is for you. Guess which movie this saying is from :) LOL

I'll sing to you of silver swans of kingdom & Carolons, I'll sing of bodies intertwined, underneath an innocent sky!

If you didn't get it from that, try this one :

In Ecclesiastes it assures us, there is a time for every purpose under Heaven, there is a time to laugh, a time to weep, a time to mourn, and there is a time to DANCE! 

WE watched this movie so many times, we knew every word and dance moves lol...(Still do)
What wonderful memories I have. 

Thank you Lisa for being my friend, to this day I still love & watch this movie...
For all those who didn't guess which movie it is, take a look at these pictures :)

                                       FUN MEMORIES


Update - About Disney's Merida!

Good News :)

I read an update on Digital Spy, about 'Change.orgs' petition to stop Disney changing Merida's makeover. It looks like Disney has pulled the new 'sexed' Merida version from their website.

here's the link to read full article:

How wonderful that we CAN make a difference, even if it's just a little one. Let us hope they keep Merida the same for all their selling products now!! 

Will follow this story.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why did Disney Change Merida's look!

Then & Now....Such a crying shame Disney!

I read an article this morning about how Disney has changed the look of Merida, the unruly red haired girl from the Disney movie 'Brave'. I saw the new and improved look or so they say Disney has made, and let me say this:

I am not impressed at all! It's such a shame that Disney felt they needed to change Merida. WHY! I love her rich unruly hair, the fairness of her skin, her wide set eyes and her feisty temperament and her very young girly womanly figure. A young girl with, strength, hopes, dreams and innocence, now she does not look like that.

I know she still has those wonderful qualities, in the inside, but her outside, has changed and not for the better. 

I'm a redhead.... I was blessed with freckles and fair skin too...and yes I love my freckles & red hair. This is me aged 7 and me now age 42! 

We should love embrace & love what we have been blessed with, there is too much pressure on us as woman as it is... Why start that pressure on our young innocent, sweet daughters. Disney  has made changes to the looks to all of their Disney Princess's! An outcry. 

Here is a link to the article & where you can sign a petition against the new look of Merida.


Look at the picture & see what you think. I would love to hear YOUR opinions.


My Family


These are my children & extended family. Each one of my children, are blessed and each has such wonderful personalities and strengths. They are all, loved so much, each has brought me joy, laughter and many band-aids!! Especially my boy, Bradley :)

I am blessed as a mother and wife, to have these sweet spirited children in my life. I know at times I should have been a better mam. Now on my 7th baby girl, Carys, I hope I'm doing better :) 

These are my Kids top left to right: 

Jodi, Jade, Laurie, Bradley, Ashton, Jodi & Simon ( her hubby) Jodi & Hannah ( my sweet red haired granddaughter) Hannah.

This is My hubby, Jason & I and our two baby girls, Seren & Carys... Hey mam, I was giggling too...I ended up having 6 girls!!! Go figure huh :) 

I am so blessed!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers Day


So I wanted to pay homage to 'Mothers'. Being one myself, I wanted to share some thoughts on the subject.

I grew up with a mam & dad, who loved my sisters and I very much. My mam ( this is how Welsh people say, mom) was an extraordinary lady. My dad, I will post on fathers day for my dad :)

I  was going through some of my keepsakes and came across this letter I received from my mam, many years ago , when I was rather younger, than I am now and yes had many 'Freckles' on my face, nose and arms. I have 7 wonderful children who have pushed my buttons & tried my patience, and yes I have fallen short, many times as being the best mam I can be. 

I'd like to share an except with you and just to remind us, how great we are to have mothers and lucky if we are a mother, even if we struggle at it sometimes:

Dearest Helen,

Our beloved daughter number 3, who came into our home & brought so much joy & happiness. On each of our children, I really knew & felt you were all girls. I even called you Helen from the time, I found out I was expecting you. So you can imagine when you were born, it was as if we already knew you. Your dad came to visit me in the hospital after you were born & we were so tickled pink at having, not only two girls, but three and we giggled & laughed so loud the women in the next room came in to see why your dad and I were laughing so much.

There is more to the letter I received and maybe I will share more at another time, but I wanted to say, how precious this hand written letter is to me and as Mothers day approaches, I will fondly think of my blessed mam, who now lives in Heaven. She has taught me so much, and I often recall her telling me, 'You can do it Helen, just keep at it.'

Mam, I love you, I miss you.

Happy Mothers Day to all. 


Friday, May 10, 2013

My Favorite Flower - The Bluebell.

This is my favorite flower. When I look or smell a bluebell, I'm transported back to a time of innocence and laughter. Oh what wonderful memories. What's your favorite flower & why?

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