Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Family


These are my children & extended family. Each one of my children, are blessed and each has such wonderful personalities and strengths. They are all, loved so much, each has brought me joy, laughter and many band-aids!! Especially my boy, Bradley :)

I am blessed as a mother and wife, to have these sweet spirited children in my life. I know at times I should have been a better mam. Now on my 7th baby girl, Carys, I hope I'm doing better :) 

These are my Kids top left to right: 

Jodi, Jade, Laurie, Bradley, Ashton, Jodi & Simon ( her hubby) Jodi & Hannah ( my sweet red haired granddaughter) Hannah.

This is My hubby, Jason & I and our two baby girls, Seren & Carys... Hey mam, I was giggling too...I ended up having 6 girls!!! Go figure huh :) 

I am so blessed!

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