Monday, March 16, 2015

DIY Cake/CupCake Display

For our church Birthday Soical, I would be decorating two table centerpieces see HERE and I wanted them to stand out.

I came across this amazing blog page HERE and decided this is what I wanted to make and so my quest to find an old light fixture began.

I found a three domed light fixture at our local restore for $10

I completely stripped it down

Picked up some of the amazing E6000 glue and some wooden rounds from Michaels Crafts.

I glued the smaller wood round onto the larger wood rounds, then glue them to the base of the light fixture 

I found a plate at the thrift store and glued that onto the top of the light fixture. 

Weigh everything down and let to dry. Then I used ceramic paint to spray paint it. 
Add some pretty bling to the edges and didn't it turn out great. 

This is what It looked like when I used it for my T-Party table centerpiece.

In this picture you can see the underneath of the light fixture.

I can't wait to use this for actual cake.cupcake displays and think of the different color possibilities too!


Mad Hatter Hat & Top Hats

Being part of a committee in my church, I am responsible to help plan and put into action the activities we have every month. At the end of January I had to get my head into the game for our Relief Society Birthday Social - The theme 'T-Party." Click HERE to take a peek at that.

 So I decided to go with the ideas of the Mad Hatter's T-party and his crazy awesome hat. I went with Johnny Depps version of the Mad Hatters Hat. 

First thing first was to google, how to :) and used these directions HERE

I first made a mock hat, which my girls still play with now.
Now, I thought I had saved my pictures in stages :/ I didn't, but I will say this I did follow the directions.

It didn't turn out as smooth as I wanted, but once I got the scarf around it and added the peacock feather and hat pins it turned out great - I think :)

For the hat pins I used thick craft wire and glued broken beads from a few old necklaces. Glue them into place and cover with the scarf. I was going to wear my Mad Hatter's Hat, but gosh, it was heavy, so it ended up on display instead.

I made a mini Mad Hatter Hat as well.
Then I got the bug of making these hats and kept making more Lol

This Black and Red one to our LDS Relief Society Birthday Social
I made it from felt and was light and then I glued it onto a hair band.

Super mini top hat

My homage to my Home Country - Wales :) A Welsh Dragon Tea Cup Hat


Happy 3rd Birthday Carys

How time flies by!

Three years ago we welcomed our second daughter, Carys Faith Feriante into this world and ever since that day, Carys has been a delight except when she has those little screeching frustration episodes lol.


The girls helped to decorated the night before - the decorations look great.

The first thing Carys said when she woke was, "Where's the presents."
My reply was, "we have to wait for daddy and Seren to wake first." :)

Big sister Seren supervised the opening of the presents!
 With the hopes of - when do I get to play with Cary and her new toys! Lol

And Carys didn't dash Seren's hope of playing either. Seren was happy to get to play with Cary's and her new toys. 

Time to

The kids played pass the parcel. 

Colored  paper teacups and stick on stickers. 

Time to sing
Happy Birthday.

We did a joint party for Carys and Seren, so Seren will get to celebrate twice. Once on Cary's birthday and on her own birthday on the 22nd.

Musical Statues and funny faces!

Time for presents!

Carys had fun when it was time to take the decorations down!

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