Monday, March 16, 2015

Madison's 1st Ward, Relief Society 'T'- Party 2015

So this time last week, I was filling up my car with the third load of bags/ tea cups, huge pinwheels and Nik-knacks from my home ready to head to my church to set up for our yearly LDS Relief Society's birthday party. Me, being on the Relief Society's committee to help plan, organize and decorate I had already begun the preparations for this in January! Which Included, making the cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers, making the teacup favors and filling them with yummy treats, making mad hatter hats and other different top hats, ordering teacup's and saucer, getting the gifts for the competition for best decorated hat and making my own cupcake display, which for the night was used as my table centerpiece.

Monday, a few of us sisters spent a total of 4 hours of laying tables, wrapping the knives and forks in napkins and setting the tables and doing their own table centerpieces so, thanks to my friends, Jessica, Laura, Esther, Kaylee, Janet, and the Sister Missionaries helped to set up - the tables and centerpieces looked great :)

For the tables I decorated, I used a pinwheel from the Dollarstore, made a simple cupcake display using a terracotta pot and plate, gluing them together and spray painting them and then placed a cute piece of paper on top and added a bling :) Filled some Dollarstore pails with Cadbury Creme Eggs, Party hats with the RS logo and bubbles. The table on the right, was the cupcake display I made from an old light fixture, and I added mini ceramic tea sets I found HERE, and some odd tea cups from the thrift store which again, I filled with Cadbury Creme Eggs and a jar filled with Cadbury Mini Eggs - YUM

What wonderful centerpieces my friends did :)

I made simple cardstock pinwheels, that Laura used for her centerpiece. Although, I made mine NOT to spin and just for a decorative use only.
Click HERE to see how.

Climbing a ladder to hang the lanterns and make the non-movable basketball hoop bright and cheerful for the party.

For this display, I raided the dig and save thrift shop and found odd teacups and saucers and a couple of teapots, glued them together using E6000  and then spray painted them using ceramic paint

I cut out large teapots from cardstock and hung them from the basketball hoop

Don't you just love the playing card Guard. I made him from using  Foam board and paint.
The cute neon plastic tea cups and saucers  I got from Target on sale for $1 each

Here is my mini Mad Hatter Hat I made

Collect some old fallen branches and decorate using birdcages, burlap flowers and bows.

Here are my girls, smiling for a picture.

I made simple bird cages using, a lid from a jam jar and bendable thick craft wire to make the cage.
Cut out a silhouette bird and hang then decorate the top and bottom with colorful cardstock

Add a topper to the glass bottles and hang a 'drink me' label. HERE

I had so much fun making my huge display MAD HATTER HAT
 Click HERE to see how I made it

 Then on Tuesday, the day was doing the usual, walking Seren to school, home, making my Curried Chicken Salad, back to pick up Seren from school, lunch, then from 4 - 9 was spent prepping the food, frosting the cupcakes, making sure everything was ready by 6pm and then enjoy the evening before the dismantling of everything began!


 Whoever wore a hat got their picture taken, All except me that is! :/

 Kaylee and Ginny, who won second in the best decorated hat!

  Janet, Megan and Margo


Bonjour Jessica K - Say cheese Emy!

Me taking a picture of Emily taking a picture :)

This is Jessica Griffiths the sister who won Best Hat - She and her daughter were matching!

She won a teacup and saucer, filled with herbal teas. She also got Mcvities chocolate biscuits and a teacup cookie cutter HERE.

Emily the lady with the fresh daffodil hat won third prize :)

Good-day Julie :)

 Cupcake Wrapper template HERE.
I used the scalloped edge for mine.

The teapot and teacup toppers I made by just drawing a design, and cutting them out, gluing them on a cakepop stick and finish with a paper heart.

All in all, the evening was a huge success and everyone, including me had a fun time. We had a few sisters speak on topics that related to Relief Society, everyone voted for who they thought should win the best made hat and we finished the night with the yummy cupcakes and chitchatting :)

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