Monday, March 16, 2015

DIY Cake/CupCake Display

For our church Birthday Soical, I would be decorating two table centerpieces see HERE and I wanted them to stand out.

I came across this amazing blog page HERE and decided this is what I wanted to make and so my quest to find an old light fixture began.

I found a three domed light fixture at our local restore for $10

I completely stripped it down

Picked up some of the amazing E6000 glue and some wooden rounds from Michaels Crafts.

I glued the smaller wood round onto the larger wood rounds, then glue them to the base of the light fixture 

I found a plate at the thrift store and glued that onto the top of the light fixture. 

Weigh everything down and let to dry. Then I used ceramic paint to spray paint it. 
Add some pretty bling to the edges and didn't it turn out great. 

This is what It looked like when I used it for my T-Party table centerpiece.

In this picture you can see the underneath of the light fixture.

I can't wait to use this for actual cake.cupcake displays and think of the different color possibilities too!

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