Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Seren woke excited when she saw Santa had left presents in her Elsa, stocking. 
 She proceeded to wake Carys and then daddy. 
From there we all went to see what Santa had left :)

They girls made a quick start opening their gifts. Carys stormed through hers only to be disappointed she'd opened hers and decided to give a helping hand to her big sister, Seren. :)

I am nursing a very sore throat and I'm sounding like  a man with laryngitis :/
All in all a quiet Christmas,   minus the tantrums and squabbles from the tinkers :)

Was the whole theme for gifts this year!

They loved each gift they received and I think I have vacuumed crazy sand and tiny bits of 
Play-Doh up about a hundred times already!

How was your Christmas?
Did you get overloaded with the craziness of it all? 
Were expectations met or dashed?
Did you remember to think of the MAIN reason we celebrate this season?

I am grateful for my Savoir, Jesus Christ and how his  birth, life and death has shaped this world and those who choose to follow in his work, charity and kindness.

Merry Christmas.

Today, Jason kindly took the girls to Chuck E Cheese for me... To have quiet and to Skype two of my daughters in Utah :)
Bath time is over and time to wash dishes and get the girls ready for bed!!! Then after making  a promise to a friend.... I am going to work on my book!

Seren's picture of us :)

Our two little poser's :)


Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Fun Time Walking Home

The girls had fun walking home after picking Seren up from school today.

I was a nice change from the whining and bickering the girls tend to do :/

Even though there was a chill in the air, I couldn't not snap up some heart melting pictures of my little tinkers :)

See Seren 
When Seren looked at the picture she said, "Look I'm flying."

Strike a Pose :)



The Women Who Knew Christ - Relief Society Christmas Evening 2014

This year for our Ladies Relief Society Christmas Social I was lucky to take the lead.

I had come across a lovely Christmas program which is a little different than the normal nativity. 
(I've been informed the link no longer worked - so I've removed it from my post BUT please, email me and I will gladly send you a copy)

I must amend this post as I was informed by a friend that this program was written 40years ago by a lady named, Judy Chandler. I must say how appreciative I am she did. It hasn't only moved me, but many a sister.

Although for our program I changed a couple of songs.

Instead of the song Joseph's Lullaby I chose, I was not his father by Micheal Maclean.
Instead of the song The Daughter of God, I chose Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant.

I had asked 6 ladies to dress in the style of the women in Christ's time and decorated each table to represent each of the women who knew  Christ.

Elizabeth, mother of John The Baptist
The Mother of Mary
Mother of Joseph, the carpenter
Wife of an Innkeeper
Wife of a Shepherd

On each table I placed an authentic oil lamp
I purchased them HERE

I made some simple chalk art poster and went through all of my boxes to dig out the appropriate items to decorate the hall. Plus my friend helped to make the 3D snowflakes and me to decorate! Thank you Jessica :) The tree and flat paper snowflakes were left up after the wards Christmas party a few days before.

Click HERE to see how to make the snowflakes

The food we chose was a light meal consisting of figs, dates, pistachios, roasted almonds, roasted red pepper hummus, selection of cheese's, dark green salad with fresh pomegranates and olives, grapes, oranges, platter of veggies, pita and flatbreads, barley and beef soup and gluten-free wild rice and chicken soup. I had a couple of wonderful ladies who shopped for the food and set it up.

The night went well and not many dry eyes as it was a moving program. I recommend this program as it will touch your heart and make you feel why we celebrate this time of year and know that these strong and faithful women, knew Jesus Christ.

Each of us is an Innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus.
I printed the main words, then drew the words Innkeeper, Jesus and the picture of Mary and Joseph.

We had an assortment of fresh pomergranates, mangoes and chocolate as gifts for the ladies to go home with as well as a simple bookmark of Christ and saying we had printed on the program.

Women of Faith
She knows of His interest in her life.
She knows that He knows her.
She loves His words and drinks deeply
Of that living water.

Margaret D. Nadauld


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