Friday, August 23, 2019


When you get a chance to go to a concert - you jump at it with both feet and a credit or debit card lol.

With my 18 yr old daughter's birthday at the beginning of this month, Ashton informed me that GENTRI was playing at the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah.

And within 5 mins, two tickets were purchased and smiles spread across, not only Ashton's face but mine also.

I have to admit, I love GENTRI'S music. 
The way they all harmonize is a delight to my ears, not to mention the three guys, 
are can I say, very easy on one's eyes :) 
So going to see them in concert was something I will always cherish. 

Their set list went as follows;

A million dreams
Just the way you are
Medley of Broadway songs: 
If ever I would leave you (Camelot)
 Some enchanted evening (South Pacific)
   Tonight (West Side Story)
Danny Boy
Singing in the Rain/Hound Dog Piano mashup by the talented, Stephen Nelson
You are the reason
  (Which they dedicated to their wives! How darling is that!)
Somewhere over the rainbow/I'm yours (Jason Mraz) - mashup
Don't let go - This is where they played the video a long while they sang this song. Few tears were shed in the audience!
On the Outside
Dare to Dream
Bring him home (Les Mis) 

Now I have to add they also sang Let it be and one more which I didn't video :/ But both were amazing too.

Anyways, here's some pics and videos from that GENTRI'ific' night :) In which we were so lucky to get to meet the lads of GENTRI too and get all of their autographs!

I took a ton more pictures, however, I thought best not to 
Post all of them, or you'd be here for hours :)

       SWOON :)
Above, Left to right
Steven Nelson, Bradley Quinn Lever, ME, Ashton, Casey Elliot, and Brad Robbins
Below - same minus Ashton lol

Check out the awesome shoes the GENTRI Lads are wearing! And not to leave out the dashing suits too! 
They are so dapper :)

Now the Videos

A Million Dreams


Just the way you are

Broadway #1 & 2

Danny Boy

Singing in the rain/ Hound dog


 You are the reason

Somewhere over the rainbow/ I'm yours

Don't Let go
(This is grainy as the lights were down so the video can be seen)

The Outside

Dare to Dream

Bring him Home
This was the encore song :)

And that, my friends, is it :/ 
Now how many times will I watch these videos 
- Too many most likely LOL


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