Friday, October 31, 2014

My Writing - Daddy's Girl

I can't remember being afraid of many 'things' during my childhood but there were the usual suspects... Spiders. Although, having a resident daddy longlegs in our downstairs toilet didn't help at first, but over a couple of weeks the spider was rightly named, Harry and I overcame that fear. The other fear I had was, drowning and still is. Yet, those weren't the ones that brought the ugliness and weight of fear to our door the night of Wednesday January 7th, 1981. A fear which, I never expected to face.
Do you think it will stick daddy?”
I stood by the edge of the window frame, my body holding back the heavy brown brocade curtains. My hands splayed either side of my freckled face, which was pressed against the pane and my eyes were as wide as saucers. Large glistening flakes floated down from the heavens, just like feathers escaping from an overflowing pillowcase. Watchful of the way the snow whirled around lamp posts, hedges and dance across the rooftops like ice skaters gliding across a frozen expanse. Each delicate flake sought out every nook and cranny as they gently nestled together building upon each other and constructing mini snow hills.
A head peeked through the curtains above mine, “I think it just might stick and look at it how it swooshing up the road, it looks like dry snow.” My father stepped back.
Dry snow? Snow is wet, there's no such thing as dry snow!” I scrunched my eyes as I tried to figure out what dry snow looked like, “So what does dry snow look like?” I shuffled back and rubbed my chilly nose with my cold hands.
My father chuckled, his eyes smiling as he said, “What I mean is, the weather is just right for a good snow fall and the wind is what's making the snow twist and swirl.” He raised his eyebrows, “We may even get some snow drifts.”
Really!” I jiggled like a bowl of jelly, “So, no school tomorrow?” I pulled a silly face.
Maybe? But right now, it's bedtime.”
I huffed, “Oh dad!” I pushed my lips together and made a fish pout and my batted my baby blues and said, “Do I have to?”
My father stuck out his thumb towards the door, he grinned and said, “Bed.”
My plan had been foiled, yet again, “Okay.” My shoulders slouched in defeat and I made sure I took my sweet time walking towards the door.
My father carried me up the stairs, like he'd done every night before. He lovingly set me down on my bed, tucked me in and gently laid a kiss on my forehead.
Night, night, don't let the bedbugs bite,” he said. I giggled and as he turned off the light, he said, “Love you.”
Love you too, daddy.” Tiredness overwhelmed me and my heavy eyelids fluttered shut and I slept soundly.
I tossed and turned in my snuggly warm bed as a yawn snuck free from my mouth. I rubbed my eyes, then I remembered... Snow! I shoved the comforter back with my feet and jumped out of bed, ran out of my room to the hallway and yanked back the curtains. My eyes bright and wide as I stared at the smooth blanket of snow that covered everything, even the washing line had a snow precariously balanced on the length of its rope that stretched from one side to the other. The wind had also used its magical powers to maneuver the light snowflakes and make wondrous drifts up against the side of our garden shed, the garden walls and even our dormant blackberry bush.
Yeah!” I blurted out. I darted downstairs, yelling, “Daddy, I don't have to go to school.” I burst into our back room, “Daddy? Mammy?”
No answer. I turned around and walked passed our front door, through the living room and into the kitchen looked around and nobody was in sight. I guessed they'd already seen the snow and must have clambered back into their cozy beds. I reached up on my tiptoes and grabbed the back door key, unlocked the door and opened it. “Whoa!”
I'd never seen so much snow, ever, our whole garden had been enveloped by the captivating snow. It glistened like millions of diamonds twinkling in a velvet sky and it was the most beautiful sight I'd seen. A red breasted robin landed on the snow in front of me, it hopped along, pecking here and there at the cold white expanse. I stood and watched this little bird relentlessly try to find a nibble of food. I walked over to the bread bin, grabbed some slices of bread and crumbled the bread in between my fingers then tossed it on the snow. At first the robin flew off, but within a few minutes, it flew back down and nibbled at the feast that was set out before it. My shoulders started to tremble, my teeth chattered as realized I was still in my nightshirt. I quickly closed the door and made my way to the back room, I turned on the gas fire and watched the orange, and red flames turn the dull gray panels into a blazing source of heat. I stuck my hands out and allowed the heat melt away the coldness that had gripped me from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I closed my eyes, content to be warming up and happy that I didn't have to go to school today.
Helen.” I glanced over my shoulder, Alison walked towards me.
I smiled and said, “Have you seen the snow? It's super high.” I rubbed my hands together again, then turned around to warm the back of me.
Yeah, I've seen the snow.” Said Alison.
Isn't it cool. That means we don't have to go to school.”
I looked at my sister and furrowed my eyebrows. Then Judith walked into the room, “Did you see the snow?” I asked. She nodded. I looked at Judith again, then back at Alison. “Why aren't you happy? We don't have to go to school.”
We know.” Said Judith.
Why are you both sad?” I asked.
Alison looked at me and said, “We're not going to school... But we do have to go out in the snow.”
Were going to make snowmen? And where's mammy and daddy?” I turned back to face the warmth of the fire.
Helen, we're going to see” my sister's voice quivered, “daddy.” Said Alison.
Where's daddy, then?”
It was Judith, who spoke next, “Daddy's in the hospital and it's really bad.”
I hung my head as tears sprung up and overflowed down my cheeks. A million questions ran through my mind, my happy thoughts of building a snowman, simply melted away.
Don't cry Helen, because when we go outside your tears will freeze!” Said Judith.
A rouge giggle escaped not only from my mouth, but from my sisters too. I turned around and wiped the stream of tears from my face.
That's better, now go upstairs and get dressed, we have to leave right after breakfast.” Said Alison.
I walked towards the door, looked back and said, “I'm not hungry.”
To this day I can't remember climbing the stairs or what clothes I wore. What I do remember was the slow, cold walk through 4 – 6 ft of snow and arriving at the Hospital and waiting in the sterile smelling waiting room. Then came my turn to see my dad, I pushed open the heavy door and there lying on a hospital bed was my daddy. There was a white sheet pulled up to his midriff, his chest exposed with wires attached to his skin, a tube pushed up into his nose and an even larger tube hanging out of his mouth. Monitors beeped, wavy lines moved up and down and another monitor. I looked at my dad, who only a couple of hours ago carried me up to bed, who the day before that held my hands while I balanced on his feet as we danced to the song, My eyes adored you. I hovered for a while by the door, unsure what to do.
Come in, it's alright your daddy is just sleeping.” The nurse said as she held a clipboard in her hands.
I tentatively stepped towards the side of the bed, sat down in the chair and looked at my dad. He did look like he was fast asleep but I didn't like the tubes and wires and the constant beeping. Tears trickled down my rosy cheeks.
Talk to your daddy, he may not be able to answer you, but he can hear you.” Said the nurse.
Through my sobs I said, “Hi daddy, guess what? It snowed and you were right, the wind did make snow drifts.” 
This picture was taken in the summer of 1980
Five months before my fathers Brain Hemorrhage.

Copyright 2014 Helen Feriante. All Rights Reserved.
I am currently enrolled in an online creative writing course for Memoirs. Click HERE to visit the Memoir site. It is an 8 week course and so much fun. If you are at all interested in developing your writing, go to creative writing now to sign up for one of the great courses available. This is the 5th course I have done, so far!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkins, Pumpkins All Around

Check out this guy's amazing sculpting ability!

All from Pumpkins

I'm in AWE

Johnny Depp from the movie, Dark Shadows


Friday, October 24, 2014

Trick out Home For Halloween

This year's theme


A 30 minute craft. Spray paint a wreath, once dry, glue skull and snakes onto the wreath 
And hang,
(I got my  snakes and Skull door knocker from the Dollar Store.)

Give me a hand will you!

Hangman's noose!

Creepy Crawlies.

It's Just a bunch of 

Must have yummy Halloween Treats.
Red Velvet Cupcakes, Pumpkin spice cupcakes, topped with cream cheese frosting
And Halloween toppings!

Red Velvet Cake, frosted with Cream Cheese Marshmallow, with marshmallow spiderweb wrapped around it, and a drizzling of Blood Red Gel Icing!

Again, quick wreath, Spray it black, wrap some tulle or anything old around it.
Glue on some dollar store bought Skeletons and ribbon.
The skull and crossbones I already had.

Witchy Profile!

Jack O Lanterns!

My chalk art!


Jack O String Lanterns

Seren has recently watched Tim Burton's A nightmare before Christmas
And she likes the weirdness of the characters, especially Jack.

So, I found this String Jack O Lantern online from Disney.
Click HERE to get the pattern
And we had a go making our own.

We wrapped balloons which have been soaked in Mod Podge and simply wrapped
It around the blown up balloon. Let it  completely dry, then pop the balloon.

Cut some eyes, nose and mouth from felt and glue on using Mod Podge.

Ours may not look like the one on Disney's but Seren thinks they are great and she bursts into the song.

This is Halloween.

My Halloween Book Club Theme. 
Which I hosted last night

In in this spirit of Halloween, 
This is Halloween!


Halloween Chalk Art 2014

Finally, I Hocus Pocused myself into Halloween mode.

These are the chalk art I have done for this year.

I found all om my chalk art from good old, Google.

There are tons to choose from, so have a wicked time choosing one to do!!!

I simply outline the letters with a stick of  white chalk, 
Then, go over that using Chalkpaint markers.

Click HERE to see how I made the Jack O Lantern string garland.

An easy Witch chalkart profile and some sweet  Halloween  Tangerines.

Just take a permanent marker and draw some spooky faces on to the tangerines. 
Even the little kiddies can help to make a Halloween masterpiece on their orange :)


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Simple No Sew Fleece Capes

The Disney movie Frozen has become quite the regular guest in our home of late. Seren and Carys love to sing along to all the songs and adore Elsa and Anna and anything related to the characters.

In my church, (LDS) I help organize the ladies monthly activities and they can range from Hot cocoa and book swap to an auction service. However, for this month we are giving service by making scarves from fleece fabric for, The Road Home Project here in Madison. Along with making the scarves, I will be helping any of the sisters who want to make a no sew fleece cape.

                                         Although, I had to make one or two or three first :) 

The purple one is Seren's Batgirl cape :)
For this one, I just did the same as in the Joann's Craft YouTube video

First, I started with, yes, you guessed Frozen themed fleece!

I actually added and extra piece of fleece to the top on the Frozen capes.  You follow the same directions as you did for the cape. Then lay the smaller piece over the main one and thread the ribbon through both at once.

All I did was measure the same length as the cape, but the width was for Seren aged 4, I cut it at 10' wide, by the same length as the main fleece cape. For Carys, aged 2, I cut it a little smaller, at 8". 

Then I gave both edges a scalloped cut.

                                               And made my cuts and threaded the ribbon
                                                   And Viola, easy no sew fleece capes.

My girls, having fun outside, with their fleece capes.

This is how I learned how to make these capes on YouTube
How to Craft a No-Sew Cape Costume for Halloween.


Wiggle That Jiggle Away

My birthday is not far off and I will be turning 44!! ARGH and these days I tend to frown on getting older. *I STILL WANT GIFTS THOUGH ;) A few more lines mysteriously appear overnight, then there the gray hair appear (which I am blessed not to have one yet!) Phew :)

Also, we get the issue of the unwanted visitor around our midriff! Like who invited them to camp out there?  My lady hormones agreed to it and maybe my sweet affection for all delicious treats has added to it, too!

Ladies and Gents, we all get into that slump mode from time to time and those times can last for minutes, days, even weeks! It mounts up, and then snap.... We've stepped on yet another stray Lego or pointy tiara or stubbed a toe or when our little ones/teenagers have pushed our patience to the limits (hubby's, wives, family members, PMS included) that's when we reach for the salty or sweet comforts we all know and love and afterwards we tend to feel glumpy blumpy!
(The word glumpy comes from a writing buddy of mine, I think it's a great word. Check out his writing HERE)

I know I do! 

Walking Seren to school everyday looking at the beautiful  rusty reds, mustard yellows, rich orange colors of the autumn leaves, the brisk cool breeze and the scurrying squirrels with acorns in their mouths has helped sweep away the cobwebs away. I have also noticed a little decrease of my thighs, but those unwelcome campers settlers around my midriff / booty are rather stubborn.

Now, I'm not wanting to that size 0 or even a US 4, I just want to be healthier and firm up my well past post pregnancy grand canyon sized stretch marked belly.  

I'd found a YouTube video of this full of energy mother, named Jessica Byrge  at home, with her little ones making appearances as Jessica shook her booty to the latest music. So, taking the bulls by its horns - metaphorically speaking and to shake off that glumpy blumpy feeling, I stepped into action. After dropping Seren off at school today, I turned my laptop on and Wiggled that Jiggle away with dance fitness with Jessica

Let's say I had a lot of fun doing this dance workout and even my little 2 year old, Carys joined in. What about those nuisance campers around my midriff and booty, you ask? Well, they certainly got wiggled and hopefully plenty more days of jiggles will soon wiggle those unseemly squatters away :)

Check  Jessica and her cute kids shaking  along to, All about that Bass on YOUTUBE. 
(I have not been approached by Jessica to promote her dance dvd. I just think she is an inspiration to us stay at home parents, etc. That we can dance away those blues)  


Friday, October 3, 2014

Chalk Art

I have had this large picture frame for many years.
It was a deep shade of gold, it looked like this other frame I had (below)

All I did was buy a primer and paint combined in an off white.
Gave it a couple of coats and let it dry.
I also gave the glass inserts three coats of black chalkboard paint
 And let that dry in between each coat

Then, I have a friend who is doing a creative writing course along with me
We often bounce ideas off each other to help with our writing process
And one day the topic was Water.
Read his writing HERE

I loved the words he wrote, so I decided I knew exactly where I wanted to
Showcase these thought provoking words.

I quickly drew out a sketch of the words and how I wanted them to look.

Then, with my frame and newly painted chalkboard paint dried. 
I set to sketching out the words on the chalkpaint.

All done!

And I love how it looks.
There is something magical about water.

If you're having trouble figuring out what it says here you go:

Water is magical, especially old water
In overgrown lakes... 
They collect time, history, myths... 
Expectations & Dreams.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Writing - I Can Be Your Hero, Baby.

As a child I 'd always wanted an older brother, one who would protect me, fight my battles for me, have fun, play hide and go seek and most importantly be my hero. Although, my parents only managed to have daughters. I have, two elder sisters and one sister, eleven years younger than me. Over the years they've protected me, help fight my battles, played hide and go seek, shared many fond memories together and they are my heroes. One of those fond memories was on the night of June 20th 2002, in which my elder sisters, Alison and Judith as well as my eldest daughter Jodi shared an evening, which we still talk and giggle about today and we even have the pictures to help jog our memories.

A car horn honked from outside, I peeked out the window to see my sister's car. I called to Jodi, grabbed my purse, then Jodi and I headed out the front door.

Hi.” I said as I slid onto the car, Jodi climbed in and sat next to me.

Hi.” My sisters replied.

Judith cranked her head to the side and asked, “You excited Jodi?”

Smiling, Jodi answered, “Yeah, I can't wait.”

Then let's get going.” She popped in a music CD and we were off.

We chatted and listened to music, it didn't take long to get to our destination, the CIA – Cardiff International Arena as it was called then. I'd booked our tickets for the Enrique Iglesias' concert a few months previous and with the concert tickets, came dinner. With the car parked and locked in the parking lot, we all headed to dinner. We followed the pathway around the outside of the arena and as we approached the entrance to the backstage, we spotted a guy wearing a red baseball hat, pulled down low. We stopped, watched and crossed our fingers in hopes that it was Enrique going inside, we anxiously waited with baited breath to see if he'd turn around – he didn't.

With flutters of excitement and disappointment, Alison, Judith, Jodi and I carried on towards the Portuguese restaurant, Madeira. Stepping inside we were hit by strong aromas of spices, we were also greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces as we were seated at a large dark wooden table.

So, what can we get for you lovely ladies tonight?” Asked the young waiter. “Would you like to start with some wine?”

My sisters and I smiled, Judith answered for us, “Oh, we don't drink alcohol, thank you.”

With his eyebrows raised the server replied, “Oh, not a problem. Would you want some soft drinks then?”

We'll have a large jug of iced water, two cokes and a sprite please.” We all answered in turn.

I'll be right back with those, for you.” The server smiled and walked away.

With a camera in my hand, I snapped a few pictures together and talked about how lucky we were to get good seats for the concert.

The server came back with our drinks, “Here you go.” He set the glasses of sodas and a jug of water down, pulled out his little white order pad and said, “Ladies, what can I get you to eat.” His pen poised and ready to scribble down our orders.

None of us had ever eaten Portuguese food before, so after asking what seemed like a million questions, we settled on chicken, beef and vegetables. Our table was laden with a medley of roasted vegetables and enormous skewers with hunks of chicken and beef, which hung above our table, their aromas wafted all around us making our mouths water. Young men, dressed in black trousers, white shirts, black ties and over their trousers, black mid length aprons and in each hand they carried a large meat fork and knife. Whenever we gestured with a smile or a slight wave of our hand, the servers would come over, cut slice's of meat off the skewers and set it on our plates.

For the next hour my sisters, Jodi and I, spent our time chatting and eating and with full stomach's the meal drew to an end, we settled the bill and headed back towards the arena to enjoy a night of merriment and much swooning at Enrique Iglesias. Paying that little bit extra for tickets had paid off, we found our seats, tickled pink that they were nestled towards the middle section only 6 rows back from the stage. We sat and chatted as we anxiously waited for the concert to begin. Smells of beer, condiments, strong perfume and sweaty people floated all around us. Then, the lights dimmed to black and beams of white/blue lights lit up the white drapes that hung at the back of the stage. For a few seconds, you could hear a pin drop, then that changed. The first beat of music began and Enrique walked through the subtly lit drapes, he was wearing jeans, navy T-shirt with Hawaii 83 on it and a black beanie hat. He was even more handsome than he did on the TV or in pictures. Everyone cheered, inching forward to the seat in front of them eager to get a better eye full of him.

He began to sing, “Here's how it goes, you and me, up and down but maybe this time we'll... Get it right, worth the fight.” His eyes focusing on us, the audience.

Most, if not all the women, including my sister's, Jodi and myself in the arena were swept away on a roller coaster of cheering and screaming. I remember looking at my daughter's face, she wore the biggest smile plastered across it. This was her first concert and she was soaking up every little detail. Alison, Judith, Jodi and I sang along to the songs, we cheered and screamed like we were a teenager again and that night my daughter saw a different side to me. One who wasn't rushing around doing chores, looking after five children or about what would be needed to do when I got home. What my daughter saw was a much more relaxed, laughing out loud mother sharing in a fun evening with her daughter and her sisters.

We were having the time of our lives. Enrique dazzled us all with his looks and voice as he continued to sing numerous songs. Then the first bars of Hero started to play and the crowd went wild again, Enrique smiled, his pearly white teeth shone like bright stars. He teased us all, as he tried to decide which lucky lady who would join him up on stage. All the women instantly became raving, screaming lunatics wanting to be with one who was chosen.

My sister Judith started to holler and scream waving her hands in the air, “Pick me.” Over and over, but to no avail.

Enrique finally chose a lady from the front row, she was a little more of the fuller figure and ecstatic, the crowd howled and screeched. He asked her name, to which I can't remember then he gazed into her eyes and started to sing, “Would you dance, if I asked you to dance.” The crowd roared, Enrique continued, “would you run and never look back? Would you cry, If you saw me crying? And would you save my soul, tonight?”

My sisters and I were half smiling, half scowling that we weren't up there, being the ones to go weak at the knees and giddy with emotion. That was how the woman was acting, she was in complete awe of him, she swayed back and forth with him and when he sang the chorus, she lost control as she held onto Enrique with all her might, even squeezing his firm butt. When the song came to an end, he planted a sweet kiss on her lips! She became a hysterical happy mess! There was an uproar of shrieks and cheers from the audience or it could have been every lady thinking how unfair it was that is wasn't them instead of her!

The whole concert whizzed by intoxicated with laughter, throats felt raw from all the singing and cheering. I took little sips of water throughout the evening, to help combat the hoarseness, I was feeling in my throat. Periodically, all manner of objects was thrown up on stage for Enrique and if I'm correct even a few ladies bras found their way up on stage too, mine not being one of them. Some young girls who'd been so caught up and overwhelmed they collapsed and had to be carried out from all the excitement. I for one was not going to let that happen and about halfway through, I needed to use the bathroom, but there was no way I was going to miss a single moment of the concert, not by fainting, being overcome with Enrique hysteria or needing the bathroom, so, I held it in.

Sadly the concert came to a timely end. My sisters, Jodi and me wishing that Enrique kept singing all night long, we walked, albeit slowly through the throngs of people and out the main doors. Making our way back around the side of the arena with hopes that we might get a glimpse of Enrique leaving via the backstage entrance.

No such luck.

Judith, Alison, Jodi and I strolled back to the parking lot and by then, my bladder was fit to burst! I knew I couldn't hold it in any longer and with few cars left in the parking lot and no bathroom in sight, I undid my jeans and with a huge sigh of relief, I relieved myself. Knowing I was getting into my sister's car I didn't bother zipping my jeans back up, might as well be comfy riding home, right? I just plopped down on the backseat kicked off my shoes and give my throbbing feet a break. My sister started the engine and off she drove.

The atmosphere in the car was electric and filled with laughter, we all agreed that the concert was outstanding. My sister pulled out of the parking lot and turned onto the main road, feeling a little warm, I pressed the button and opened the window and enjoyed the cool air on my rosy cheeks. My eyes scanned over parked cars and brick walls, my sister turned a corner and drove past the Park Inn Hotel, that was when we spotted a large black SUV parked in front of the hotel, with its backseat window rolled down. I squinted and I could of sworn it was Enrique, who was sitting in that seat, with the same faded red baseball hat on, the same hat we'd seen on a guy who we thought resembled Enrique earlier that evening.

Uh... I think that's Enrique in that car over there.” I said.

WHAT?” Said Alison.

No, really?” Judith craned her neck to the side. “It is... It's him.”

Jodi, leaned forward, trying to see past me and out the window, by now Judith had reached the intersection and seeing as no cars were around, ran a red light and did make an illegal U-turn and drove back towards the hotel, and the parked car. Before Judith could take her keys out of the ignition, I opened the door, hopped out of the car. With a pen and the concert program in hand, I ran towards the SUV and came to a stop next to the passengers window, the backseat window had now been rolled halfway up. Jodi followed close behind.

I tapped at the front window, “Hi.”

The window rolled down a halfway, I smiled at the guy dressed in a black suit and tie sitting in the passenger seat.

What can I do for you.”

I swallowed, looked behind the guy's shoulders and looked at the faded baseball hat which was pulled down and I eagerly spilled out my words, “I'd like to get Enrique's autograph please.”

My sisters had finally caught up to us and stood by the halfway rolled up the window and had a huge grin spread across their faces.

The guy dressed in black, who was obviously a bodyguard smiled and said, “What are you talking about, Enrique is not in this car.”

I laughed, “Yeah, right,” I smiled at the bodyguard and said, “Enrique, can I get your autograph please.”

With that the faded red baseball hat lifted up and they're looking back at me was Enrique! His big brown eyes and huge smile, he was looking at me. My heart started to beat a little quicker, my knees felt weak and all I could squeak out was, “Hi.”

Enrique smiled,“Hi.” he said.
Now, I felt like a bowl of wobbly jelly! I handed the bodyguard my program and he passed it back to Enrique. His window began to roll all the way down, my sisters whipped their programs up and handed them to Enrique. All I could do was stare and be in complete awe at how handsome he really is. Then came my turn, I began to walk forward, but ended up shuffling – yes, my jeans, the same jeans I hadn't bothered to zip back up after I'd relieved my bladder, had finally decided to slide down my legs! Enrique's eyes had already witnessed my embarrassment. My eyes went from smiling to wide–eyed, Enrique chuckled, I blushed and felt like I could just curl up into a ball and roll away. My hand darted down and grabbed onto my jeans, I held on tight and shuffled forward.
Enrique handed me back my program, all signed, I smiled and said, “Thank you.”

You're welcome, where you all from?”

Oh....his voice was dreamy, I answered, “Merthyr and Llanelli.”

My sister Judith kept repeating, “You're such a babe.”

Cool.” He grinned, “you all have a great rest of the night.”

I blurted out, “thank you very much.” in Welsh. What was I thinking, he didn't have a clue what I was saying! Duh moment for me.

Enrique waved and said, “Bye.”

That was our cue to up and leave, with a quick wave we walked back to the car, I shuffled along like a penguin, my fingers still clutching on to my jeans. Judith and Alison sat in the front seats, Jodi and I clambered into the back. My sisters stared at me and burst out laughing! I knew why they were laughing – my jeans! Jodi on the other hand was a 12 year old girl who was totally embarrassed by her mother and two aunts who acted like a trio of raging hormone screaming teenagers, not to mention that I'd dared to speak Welsh to him. On the journey back home, we laughed and sang along to Enrique's songs. We will always remember that amazing night in which Enrique wowed us with his singing and dazzled us with his good looks and he can always be our Hero!

            Copyright 2014 Freckles. All Rights Reserved.


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