Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Simple No Sew Fleece Capes

The Disney movie Frozen has become quite the regular guest in our home of late. Seren and Carys love to sing along to all the songs and adore Elsa and Anna and anything related to the characters.

In my church, (LDS) I help organize the ladies monthly activities and they can range from Hot cocoa and book swap to an auction service. However, for this month we are giving service by making scarves from fleece fabric for, The Road Home Project here in Madison. Along with making the scarves, I will be helping any of the sisters who want to make a no sew fleece cape.

                                         Although, I had to make one or two or three first :) 

The purple one is Seren's Batgirl cape :)
For this one, I just did the same as in the Joann's Craft YouTube video

First, I started with, yes, you guessed Frozen themed fleece!

I actually added and extra piece of fleece to the top on the Frozen capes.  You follow the same directions as you did for the cape. Then lay the smaller piece over the main one and thread the ribbon through both at once.

All I did was measure the same length as the cape, but the width was for Seren aged 4, I cut it at 10' wide, by the same length as the main fleece cape. For Carys, aged 2, I cut it a little smaller, at 8". 

Then I gave both edges a scalloped cut.

                                               And made my cuts and threaded the ribbon
                                                   And Viola, easy no sew fleece capes.

My girls, having fun outside, with their fleece capes.

This is how I learned how to make these capes on YouTube
How to Craft a No-Sew Cape Costume for Halloween.

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