Wednesday, April 30, 2014

40 Ways Kids Ruin Everything

We mothers, know what it's like when our darling little children, 'get into stuff' when they're not supposed to, or will 'not sit still for the family picture shoot', or have a way of making us cringe, yell,"NO" or to simply, make us laugh out loud.

(Believe me, I have had my fair share of all those moments)

Take a look at these pictures and if you have children, then you'll be laughing/crying as hard as I was. 


40 Ways Kids Ruin Everything Good In This World. This Is Painful... But So Funny!


Monday, April 28, 2014

Chicken in Lemon & Parsley Sauce

Since Easter craziness, I've not really done any crafts of late, plus the weather has not been the very best.
Today all it's done is RAIN and thunderstorms! 
Which reminds me of being back home in Wales - the Rain that is.

I have been doing good lately, even with the naughty but nice easter chocolate madness.
I have kept up with counting my calories and exercising - to which I am pleased to say
That with the help of my LOSE IT app 
I am down 7lbs in 5 weeks
  This is my 6th week and weigh in this wed)
The app LOSE IT is so easy to use. I love it.
Yes, it does take a little time to calculate your meals of your cooking from scratch, but one you have them in the app, it's good to keep track of your calories.

So with yet another day inside, and wondering as to what I was going to make for dinner
And that it would be low in calories I decided on chicken tenders.

This is what you'll need:
 2lbs of chicken tenders
Lemon Seasoning
Salt and Pepper
Apple Cider Vinegar
Rice Vinegar
Parsley, Chopped
Lemon, squeezed.
Vegetable or Chicken Stock

Season the chicken with S&P.
Then lightly flour and set aside.

Heat your skillet with 3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil, 
Once the oil is hot, add the chicken.

Cook for 3 - 4 minutes on each side.
Once cooked, add the capers (if you don't like capers leave out) 
 & 2 Tablespoons of butter 
Good couple of splashes of Rice Vinegar
2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar

Then cover and simmer for 3-4 mins
(If you're a wine drinker you can use White Wine instead of the vinegars ) 

Add the vegetable stock and cook for another minute.
Then add the parsley  and lemon juice, and allow to cook for 15 minutes.
Remove the chicken, cover and set aside. 

Now, I like my sauce to taste a little tastier, so I added 1/2 Tsp of Chicken Bouillon.
Stir well.

Add some cornflour to thicken the sauce. Stir well

Then to make it a little creamier, add some milk or cream & stir.
Stir well

Add the chicken back into the sauce, add some fresh parsley, cook for another few minutes.
Then serve.

You can serve with a fresh, tomato, cucumber & green onion salad,
Which is tossed in dill, lemon juice and salt.

This a quite a tart, yet tangy chicken dish, but quite delicious :)

Chicken In Lemon & Parsley Sauce

Add a side of steamed jasmine rice 
A dollop of
Fat free Fage yogurt with chopped parsley, seasoned with salt  & pepper.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Does Easter Mean To You?

What does Easter Mean To You?

Does it mean, A time for lots of Chocolate Eggs and Marshmallow Bunnies? Easter Egg Hunts and Family Get Togethers where, an abundance of food is served, followed by delicious desserts.


Does it mean something totally different?

For many of us, all of the above is celebrated. Yet there is that
Why we Celebrate Easter.

That Reason is 
As a member of 
The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
At this
We Celebrate his Resurrection.
Although not before we remember Christ's life and death.

From his humble birth
In a lowly Stable.

Learned to become a carpenter
 with his earthly father, Joseph

He Healed the Sick

Raised the Dead

Loved all the little Children 


He Atonened for Our Sins

He was Bound 

And Tried

Flogged & Scourged

Carried His own Cross


Then Arose from his Tomb

This is the Reason we Celebrate Easter
To Give Thanks to Our Savoir, Jesus Christ, for #Because of him, 
He has made it possible for us to return to him & our Father In Heaven.
All we have to do is Believe & have faith, and turn our hearts to him.

May you all have a wonderful & meaningful Easter.


Easter Egg Hunt

Today Seren and Carys went to our LDS Church for the Easter Egg Hunt.
The weather was just right, not too windy and the sun shining in the blue sky. 
A Good day to hunt for eggs.

And what fun they had.
At first the girls were a little unsure about picking up the brightly colored eggs
But, it only took them seconds to realize what all the other kids were doing, for them
To grasp the idea to....Run and find all the eggs you can.

Seren was quite funny, she'd pick up the eggs and shake them.. if they felt too light she'd
 Put them back down!

Carys, on the other hand, didn't want to leave any eggs outside.
She cried when it was time to go back inside and open her eggs.
Carys cried, saying, "My Eggs, My Eggs!"

But once inside Seren and Carys soon got to opening all her eggs, and insisting
On opening every egg and taste testing each treat.

Then after we'd run to the store, Seren and Carys Played outside with Daddy.

WEE!! Look at me mama!!
I flying!

Seren on the other hand is not at all interested.



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