Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

Today Seren and Carys went to our LDS Church for the Easter Egg Hunt.
The weather was just right, not too windy and the sun shining in the blue sky. 
A Good day to hunt for eggs.

And what fun they had.
At first the girls were a little unsure about picking up the brightly colored eggs
But, it only took them seconds to realize what all the other kids were doing, for them
To grasp the idea to....Run and find all the eggs you can.

Seren was quite funny, she'd pick up the eggs and shake them.. if they felt too light she'd
 Put them back down!

Carys, on the other hand, didn't want to leave any eggs outside.
She cried when it was time to go back inside and open her eggs.
Carys cried, saying, "My Eggs, My Eggs!"

But once inside Seren and Carys soon got to opening all her eggs, and insisting
On opening every egg and taste testing each treat.

Then after we'd run to the store, Seren and Carys Played outside with Daddy.

WEE!! Look at me mama!!
I flying!

Seren on the other hand is not at all interested.


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