Do you believe in Vampires?

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Do Vampires actually exist?
What is a Vampire?
Why is the Topic of 'Vampires' so interesting?
Vampire Movies or Books?
Vampire Tv Shows.
Do you prefer Mean Vampires or the Loveable kind?
Best Dracula.
How many Vampire movies have ever been made?
How many Vampire books are out there?

There are so many questions and answers surrounding - VAMPIRES.

And as someone, who loves anything Vampire, I love to know tidbits, facts and fiction, and any new/old, show, movie or book involving Vampires.

So yes, this may sound cliche, I have always wanted to write a book, and yes I am in the process of writing that said 'Vampire' book.. And from time to time I may post on this page, snippets of my work for you to read and yes.. I would like honest comments & critique too.

 But for now I want to explore the world of Vampires, to find answers to my questions, maybe even have some of your answer for me. Also to enlighten future budding writers how  and why I did research for my book.. Yes I did my research, even before placing my untrained fingers to my keyboard.

So pull up a coffin, pop in your newly sharpened Vampire Teeth. Grab a goblet of warm blood, or soda for those who don't drink blood LOL
And let's go on a hypnotic journey together.


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