Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is a Vampire and do they Exist?

On myVampires blog page, I have posed some general questions, that many of us ask and ponder about - A genre that over time has drawn us in, bedazzled us, glamoured us at the horror, action, viciousousness, lost soul vamps, that are in general blood sucking fiends.  Or are we, like me enthralled at the many different views and opinions that make up great stories and movies.

Or is this genre, really based on fact or fiction?

So my questions are, What is a Vampire? & do they actually exist?

There is so much information out there in this big wide world - so much that it can boggle your mind. My thoughts on this topic, are constant as I am writing a book in this same very genre! I know, cliche right.

But I have done quite the bit of research to make sure my book gels in all the right places, that I have tried to make my story differ to what's already out there, but most likely will have some parts that seem familiar to us- like what's the point of having a Vampire if they don't drink blood! In some shape or form.

So what is a Vampire? - The reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep. One who preys on others. A bat that feeds on the blood of small mammals or birds. etc According to myth, a vampire is a human being who survives by feeding on the life essence of living creatures. They feed on them in spite of whether they are undead or a living person. The term was popularized in the 18th century. - this has quite the read, from vampire characteristics of the different types of vampires. - The ultimate Vampire resource & dictionary guide.

There are so many more sites, books that can give you more information about, what is a Vampire. The most famous is Bram Stoker- Dracula . Made into a movie, that I enjoyed.

Also there types of Vampire - - Vampire Types. (This gives you a run down on the different types of vampires that are out there.)

Do Vampires exist?

Many people will say a big resounding 'NO', while others will smile, with the glint of two pointed sharp teeth will say,'YES, WE DO.'

How can that be - Yes we do exist? Well, there are many Cults out there that take aspects of the Vampire world and use them in daily life. Many actually have pointed teeth!! No fake stick on ones, that you use for Halloween, but their own teeth sharpened to a point.

There are those types of vampire that believe they are Vampires. - It says in bold, reading this will make you wonder? This site goes into the hows and whys of it all. Now it's up to you if you believe it or not.

This post I found interesting, it's written by Ian Holt - 'Vampires do exist and I have met them.'

For the science behind it, this is a good read - from - Vampires are proved to exist!

Then there is this guy, Father Sabastian Todd - I had never heard of this guy, until I started my research ! - His story is quite the interesting read, and then there is this interview with him, that sheds some light on how he became a vampire.

In my conclusion, I have decided that there are people living out there that call themselves Vampires of sorts, those that mingle and are associated with said vampires.

Then there are the Vampires we all know, that have come to life, be it through, well loved books, movies, or folklore. I, for sure know that with so much interest with such a genre - there will always be more to learn and many more, books to be written &  read, and movies to watch from,  The Scary, The Dammed Soul or, Wickedly Loved Vampires! 

Do you believe In Vampires?

Even the new 'Dracula', show coming from starring Johnathan Rhys Meyers, which again will immortalize the genre. 

Only you can, take a bite & decide for yourself, whether, they are real or not!

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