Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

 Boo to you all !!

Today is spent primping and preening, and donning your Halloween costumes.

Then time to go out 'Trick and Treating'

When I was a child, Trick and Treating was nothing like what it is today. I grew up in Llanelli, Wales- Great Britian, where we had the wonderful HARD turnips to carve to use as our Jack-O-Lanterns!! I never had a pumpkin till we moved to the USA! These days pumpkins are easily purchased, back home, making the Halloween carving pumpkins a lot more fun. 

Also when we went trick and treating, we Never got sweets/candy!!!

What, I hear you say...yep I said that right...NO sweets/candy.
We were given money.... woah!!! Yep money, but before you say hey,, loaded at the end of Halloween night...NOPE....

We would be given pennies, loose change and not much of it either. Plus the fact that trick and treating was not participated by many, ESP by the older generation. Even costumes were hard to come by, unless you made them yourself, or use the tried and tested black garbage bags. That has all changed, the big retail stores now have realized that they can, jump on the band wagon and rake in the $$$$. Most Halloweens, I remember.... IT RAINED!!! Nothing different, as Wales it rains a lot as does the whole of Great Britain, that's why it's so lush and green.

Anyways here in the USA, Halloween is a huge day!!

So have fun and be safe tonight as you 
Trick & Treat.

Heres a fun video  - I laughed so hard watching this.... One who watches 'The Walking Dead', many times.. My stomach would be in knots watching the The Walking Dead scares the living daylights out of me.... If it was me going on this Walking Dead Maze... I too would have probably screamed, like a little girl.... Oh wait- I am a girl !!!

 Here is our darling Little Tinkers, Seren & Carys in their Halloween Costumes..... Adorable, unlike flesh eating Walking Zombies!! LOL

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