Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Girl & Boy Baby Booties

  How Cute are these Baby Booties!

Girls Headband & Booties 
Scroll down to see how I made these.

Girl Booties 

Boy Booties

Quite a few years ago, I decided to start to crochet with the intentions of making baby items for my future grand babies - Then when I got remarried and we got pregnant -- then my crocheting skills kicked in :)

I searched the internet to look for patterns I could learn and make cute baby items.
I came across this pattern on Bev's country cottage - click HERE

I can make two sets of booties in one evening, that's how easy they are. You can follow the main crochet page, and use my pictures to follow along too. As I am not the best at "crochet terms writing' LOL

Here are my pictures.

Now I changed my bootie pattern from the original and I Crotched Using Front Post & Back Post technique  

For the top I increased it to make Peter Pan like Booties.

To make your bootie, whip stitch together, all the way around the bootie. I started from the straight path. Not the top ruffle/ peter pan.

Fold the top over to make sure you like the way it looks.

Next take ribbon and thread through, every other stitch. Make a bow. Next, stitch on your cute little boy buttons.

Cute, but still boyish enough for a baby boy.

Girls Flower Headband

Chain 4 stitches

Slip Stitch to the 1st stitch, to make a ring.

DC 12 stitches into the center of the ring of 4

On the 12th slip stitch in the 1st DC stitch

 Chain 5 & slip stitch into the 1st hole

Chain 5 again & repeat previous step

Until you have gone all the way around. Slip stitch to finish off.

Next chain 30, turn and HDC all the way around both sides of the chain.

When you get to the edges, HDC 5 in the one hole

Whip stitch to close

Next I took some ribbon I bought from Walmart  for 97c & looped till it looked like a flower. Stitch in place under the crocheted flower. Add you cute girl/boy button.

Now stitch the flower in place onto the headband, using whip stitch. 

And Voila!

The perfect Welcome for a New Baby 

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