Monday, October 7, 2013

Ah, Bite Me.


Two Vampires show in one night ! Phewy Lewy! I'm in my element, reminds me of when, Buffy and Angel were on! ( I miss those shows)

Well, well, well. What can I say about them..... I loved Vampire Dairies, I loved Damon being the big boyfriend, looking after Jeremy! And as always, great one liners. Stefan, who is Silas, check out bad boy Stefan !! Love it and his compelling the townspeople !! WHAT ! I won't give any more away, just in case of you that haven't watched it yet.. 
Get to it and watch it :)

The Originals, well it was cut and spliced with parts that were shown in the last season of Vampire D's - It kind of bugs me, but it gave plenty for those who didn't watch any Vampire D's, to get the gist of who and what the Originals are.

I love Elijah's character, played by Daniel Gilles - he is my favorite by far. I am looking forward to see how this story pans out. But what a shocker when, Klaus, gets one over on Elijah!!! SAY WHAT...what. Yep Klaus stabs Elijah in the back, or so to speak, more like in the front!!

All In all Two wonderful, blissful, bloodsucking, neck biting, fab one liners, filled hours of Vampire Shows.

Aw.. Eee, Bite Me.

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