Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Raspberry Coconut Cream Pie

Dessert is delicious!

I love dessert, although my waist line doesn't :) 
Of late, I  made dessert when we have had the LDS Missionaries over to dinner.

This week I made, 
Raspberry Coconut Cream Pie. 
It has a pastry base, a yummy smooth custard  filling, with Rasberries gently tossed into the filling, topped off with a whipped cream, and decorated with, toasted coconut flakes, and drizzled melted chocolate.

Now, how can anyone, resist eating that!

300 ml -Coconut Milk 
200ml - Rice Milk
The milks combined to total 500mls. (I used mostly coconut as I wanted that flavor to come through)
 2 heaped Tablespoons - Powdered Milk
2 heaped dessert spoons - Sugar
2 cups - Raspberries
4 heaped dessert spoons - Birds Custard 
 1 Pastry Pie Crust
2 cups Heavy Cream, 
Handful Chocolate Chips
Coconut Flakes for decoration

*Now, I cheated when I made this pie, I'd run out of flour to make the pastry, so rummaging through my pantry, I found a Betty Crocker Pie Crust, Hallelujah!

*Also you'll notice the powered milk 'Darifree' is Dairy free, made by Vance foods , its sweet and delicious and great for those who can't do dairy. I use this to make my filling creamy!

*The Coconut Milk is my homemade by me, learn how Here

*If you're wondering, what is Birds Custard, well it's a British staple for desserts and for a warm topping over hot sweet pies. You can find this at any good international store or Amazon. I always have this in my pantry. To make the custard you can follow the direction on back.. Although that is if you want a runny custard, for my pie you want it to be thicker, yet still creamy.

Make your pastry, roll it out and line a 9" baking tin, prick the pastry and bake blind in the oven till light brown. Keep an eye on it, you don't want it to burn the edge's.

Measure your milk into a jug, then pour 400 ml into a pan and heat. Do not let it boil. With the remaining 100 ml of milk, leave that in the jug. You are going to add the sugar, powdered milk and custard powder to it.

Once you have all that in the jug, stir well, make sure you get all of the lumps smoothed out

Next pour you warmed milk, into the powdered mix, Stir well.

Once you have stirred it well, pour that mixture back into your saucepan, and heat through.

Again don't let it boil. As it will burn. You must stir continuously!
It will thicken, once you see it start to thicken, take off heat.

Stir till it resembles a smooth texture.

Pour into a cold bowl and let it cool down. I stir mine every so often so the top doesn't form a skin.
 As it cools it will look quite thick. DON"T worry, we are going to add some cream to it, this will make it super creamy!

Toast your Coconut Flakes in a warm oven. They only take minutes to toast. Keep an eye on them. Once they are lightly browned, set aside to cool.

 Once the custard has cooled, add some of your heavy cream to  it and whisk till you reach your desired consistency.

Next whip your cream up in a jug and set it aside.

Fold your Raspberries into the custard mix ( leave some for decoration)  then add into your pie cooled pie crust base. Take a spoon and spoon your whipped cream on top, decorate with your remaining Raspberries.


Add your toasted coconut, melt your chocolate chips in the microwave and drizzle over your pie.

Your Raspberry Coconut Cream Pie!

Enjoy with a fresh glass of coconut milk, which you have made the day before :)

Sumptuously delicious!

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