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So sometime last August/September, I forgot exactly when but Jason asked me the question, “What are some of your dreams, your aspirations?”

Hmm, well, I had to put my thinking cap on and to be honest, I didn't know if I ever had any. Yes, as a young girl, I wanted to get married, have kids - be a mother
(Which I did, then got divorced :/ and now, happily married again and a mother again, to two wonderful little darling girls! Lol) 
During all that, I even got to visit some wonderful places.

But, there comes a time in your life, you feel you've forgotten, yourself. I was always busy being a mother, wife, friend, holding church callings, helping out at the kids' school etc. – BUSY!! 
(And, I'll be doing that all over again with Seren & Carys, phew! :)

So back to the question, What are some of my dreams, my aspirations?

My answer – To write. Write a book that is. Sounds cliché... I know and during my school years, I didn't really like reading, or having to write an essay, but how we change and grow. With life's experiences molding us in ways we could never have foreseen, which has us really looking inward and ask ourselves –"What is it we want?" Yes, world peace, to be happy, have good health, eat chocolate and Not put weight on LOL...or no dang Chemicals in our soaps,  shampoos, food etc. Etc.

But Writing was one thing I have wanted to do and try my hand at writing a book. So, Jason and I chatted for hours about what genre I would write about, what would my characters be like Etc, Etc, Etc. 

My mind raced, my ideas spilled out like a bubbling pot, in random sentences. Jason and I bounced these ideas back and forth, building on what little details I had. I must admit I did have some really good ideas. Yes, all of us NEW budding writers, think they have the next Best Book, even better than J. K. Rowling, or Stephanie Meyer. Me... Well, I'll be happy to get my book finished and edited, let alone published and on a shelf in Barnes & Noble (Well in time, maybe.)

That was then, this is now: I am writing a book in my favorite genre - Vampires. I also have many other ideas for future books jotted down, waiting to form and take flight. I've taken creative writing courses, done researchand build on my foundation ideas, add to those juicy words and sentences, then turn them into concise, interesting characters and plot. Now, this book I’m working on, I most likely will not post on here (I want to try and get that published) but I will post other work I have done. As a budding writer, I'm finding the more I read books, the inspiration builds and the more I write which enhances my vocabulary and description expands.

I'd love for you, my readers to comment, critique, give feedback on what you liked/ disliked and yes.... Raving comments are a Bonus LOL.

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  1. Could I please get a copy of your program, "The Women Who Knew Christ?" we would like to do this for our Relief Society in Las Vegas.


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