Friday, April 18, 2014


What does a laborer, sales assistant, kitchen salesman, restaurant worker and a hospital worker have in common?

They sing.

And can they sing?

Oh my...YES they can. 

Their name is Collabro
and their names are:
Jamie, Matt, Thomas, Michael and Richard.

I love watching America's Got Talent, but seeing as I was born and lived most of my life in Wales, I do like to peek at Britian's Got Talent from time to time, to see whats new in my home country.

So when I came across this audition by these 5 boys, I watched and waited to hear them sing.

Now just watch the judges initial response to 'yet another boy band' , Simon Cowells face is priceless!! And as the camera scans the audience, they are not sure either about these young boys. 

Until the music starts and the belt out a wnoderful rendition from a really well known Book/West End/Broadway/Movie, they all change their minds!

I'm pretty sure these lads will go along way in the music industry, especially if Simon Cowell has anything to do with them.

I'll let the boys do the singing. Enjoy

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  1. I was really impressed.. thanks for showing me this. Their rendition of my favorite Les Miserables song was fantastic.


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