Friday, April 4, 2014

Easy Display Burlap Bunny.

Here's the 2nd post of my Easter Crafts for 2014.

My dear friends from Crio Bru :) Eric & Cassandra Durtschi have sent me some of their empty Burlap Sacks
 I mentioned to Cassandra about wanting to make something from the Burlap Sacks, so they sent me some 
(I must mention, I did pay for S&H) 
But when I received them, I did not expect the sacks to be so BIG!

With that in mind and with Easter crafts on running amuck in my mind- 
 Idea, a quick Burlap Bunny. 
But I wasn't sure on the how part. 
And as we ladies like to browse on Pinterest (maybe for too long sometime LOL) I found just what I was looking for. Find the original posting

But, unlike the one on the original post, my burlap wasn't already pre painted with dots, I had to paint them myself. Easy enough.

But, with a little help from my little tinkers :) Seren & Carys LOVED making pretty colored dots all over the burlap & may I add themselves!!!

And if you don't have any old burlap sacks, you can pretty much use any kind of thick fabric, or even an old drop cloth. 
(Which I actually used for the baby bunnies - HERE)

Here are the wonderful Burlap Cocoa Sacks!!
(Thank you so much Eric & Cassandra)

For this project I used this one from Jamaica
All washed and clean which, when drying didn't smell so good lol

I turned it inside out & laid it flat on the floor.

Then, starting from the TOP (open end)
Measure down a few good inches and cut in a downward rounding motion (these are its ears) and to about 1/3 of the way down on the opposite side.

Open up and you can see the shape of the ears at the top.
 Save the piece you cut off
(See mine along side the sack)

Then, with some odds and ends of wood cut off and Batting, I had lying around
These will become your stuffing!

Open up your sack and fill, starting with the heaviest bits of wood.
Keep filling it up so it will stand on its own.
(We don't want it to blow over, ESP if you're using it outside like me)

Then take your batting and place inside a plastic bag and tie the opening shut.
Pop that inside your sack

Take a rubber band and tie the ears (top) together.

Now remember that piece you cut off from the top?
You're going to use that to make your bow.


Using some pretty Easter Colored Paints & a round Sponge dapper dip in the paint
And get dotty!
Let it dry.



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