Friday, April 18, 2014

Age means nothing to this lady!

Paddy Jones is Nearly 80 and dances like she is still a young pup of 20!

Just watching Paddy dance makes me want to do better. She is a fit woman and what I mean by fit is Healthy Fit. She must put hours of practice to do what she does.
What an example for anyone to try to be better, even if it's going for a walk. Or like me, to just get up in the morning, and not think, "ugh! I have to workout", but just DO my Slim in 6 Exercise DVD.

When I lived in Utah, I used to Irish dance - which is such a whole body workout, even with your arms down at your side. My dance troupe is called, Rinceoiri Don Spriaoi. They are a FAB bunch of people :) And Ben & Brooke Curnow are wonderful and Ben is the best teacher & Irish dancer! So is his wife Brooke :)

I hope that if we move back to Utah, Rinceoiri Don Spriaoi will still be going and I can get back into Irish dance.

I hope that when I reach 79! I can still be as active as Peggy Jones 

Here is Peggy & Nico auditioning for Britains Got Talent - keep watching you'll be surprised!

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