Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick Easter Bunny Cushion Covers

If you want some quick Easter Bunny color to add to your home, 
These quick drop cloth, cushion covers
Can be made in one day.

I made pillow style cushion covers, from a painter's drop cloth

Take some cardboard and pop inside the covers. This will protect the underside of the cover
While you paint on the bunnies.

This is my Bunny Template

Trace around the bunny template onto the cover.

Take some pretty spring colors

And paint inside the line

Leave to dry.

For my single bunny I used my original template, but enlarged it.

Larger Bunny Template 

Trace around the bunny template & paint.
And leave to dry.
Once the paint has dried you can take out the cardboard. Then taking some white pom-pom's and thread and sew on the pom-pom for the bunny tail.

For the Larger Bunny Cover I cut a round piece of felt and took 8 white pom-poms

And used a hot glue gun and glued the pom-poms onto the felt, Then glued the bottom side of the craft felt
On to the bunny for its tail.

Easy Painted Easter Bunny Cushion Covers


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