Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Argh! Scandalous, No More British Cadbury Chocolate!

Today is a sad and upsetting day!

Not only have I been living off salad's  and a low calorie diet plan this past week and a half with the goal of shedding my unwanted, stubborn pounds and with the light at the end of the tunnel being, a bar of the most yummy milk chocolate from Cadbury. Then Bam... 

I find out from a friend back home in Britain that HERSHEY has made a deal with two of the largest imports of British Chocolates to BAN all Cadbury, even,  Kit-kat, Yorkie, Rolo's and Maltesers!! And will that be all? What else will they ban!

Read about it HERE,  HERE and HERE

WHAT THE HECK, right.  Will they try to ban Lindt, or Swiss chocolate? Or any other creamy milk chocolate?

I'm sorry, but I really don't like the Hershey Chocolate. Sorry to all those who grew up in the states and love it.

I grew up in Britain and for me British Cadbury Chocolate is a must and in times of need!! Like setting up the Christmas tree at Christmas, Easter, and any other time Lol.... It's a Cabury Bar I reach for. I use the crumbly Flake bar's and Maltesers on top of my yummy desserts and they make wonderful treats for dear friends, even at a higher price here that I pay in the U.S. 

That is a price I'm willing to pay!

But now with this ban..... What will happen. Bootlegging Cadbury Chocolate? Having to pay a hefty price for my family to ship me some over?

My wonderful Hubby, has said for now while I can still buy it here for the short term :( in the states, for me to stock up - mind you that does not mean blow the budget! But I shall get a good stock, until they stop selling. Then I shall resort to groveling to family members back home to send me some of my most loved Chocolate - British Cadbury.

BUT JUST INCASE you have no-one that can post you some Cadbury Chocolate then click HERE and you can have a box shipped to you all the way from Britian! Now, Hershey can't ban that, can they?

But if you are an ex-pat like me living in the states, you can have a say and sign a petition Click

Protest Hersheys Lawsuit against British Chocolate  Importers

Hershey Co, the American chocolate giant have filed lawsuits against British importers LBB Imports LLC (Let’s Buy British), and Posh Nosh Imports accusing the companies of infringing multiple trademarks.
 So, if one of your weaknesses comes in the shape of a Toffee Crisp, Maltesers, Yorkie, Cadbury, or Rolo your taste buds may soon be challenged.

That's why I signed a petition to John P. Bilbrey, CEO Hersheys, which says:

"Support LBB and ALL Brit businesses in the U.S. by protesting Hershey's actions."

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


  1. It's gonna kill me. You know how I love Brit chocolate! We may need to have family ship some to us once we run out...

    1. I know, right! Jason has said I can go ahead and start getting my stock pile of Cabduries before it runs our Lol But gosh, even then it cost's to order online from a store a few hours away from me $75 to get free shipping, which when your buying chocolate and the weight, then we girls do what needs to be done and order lots!

      Once it gets here it will take major will power not to scoff it all in one go Lol

      Then, once my squirreled away Cadburies has run out - call family for reinforcements!

  2. A sad day indeed.


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