Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ian Sommerholder - Comic Con, Madison

Today was the day I got to meet Ian Sommerhalder aka Damon Salvatore from Vampire diaries in person at Comic Con held here in Madison, WI.

Quite the celebrity line up. These were a few of the celebs who were in attendance
Top left to right:
Bottom left to right:

Here we are on our way to Comic Con.

With Ian Sommerhalder

I was lucky to be in the front row.
He chatted about how hard it was for him to land the role of Damon Salvatore in Vampire Diaries.
How the long hours can take its toll and that the full cast including the prop men and catering
On the set of Vampire Diaries are like family.

How he eats organic, raw and non Gmo foods, and uses a Hyperbaric Chamber! Way to go Ian. No wonder he stays in great shape.

He talked about how we all can be kind to one another, even just walking down the street, even just a smile can make their day as we do not know what has happened to them that day.
His animals who he loves and told us about when he adopted a stray cat from the beach  whilst filming the show, Lost.

Shame the Q&A went by too quickly. 

But, alas off I went to queue to get my picture taken with Ian.

What more can I say other than ARGH! What a hug :) Lucky me.

I just wish my mug was younger and I got a kiss on the lips Lol

Whilst walking around, we came across some interesting Cosplay characters, the girl got really excited when they saw Anna and Elsa

This one scared Carys!

We all love the movie, Back to the Future and we got to see the replicas DeLoreon car.

Seren and Carys got to sit and play in a Mini

The old Bat Mobile Car.

So people went all out making or buying their costumes!

Then I got to walk by... James Marsters.
Who I loved to watch in the TV series, Buffy and Angel!

Then to finish off my day I went to get Ian Sommerhalders autograph for my daughter Ashton, who lives in Wales.

Woohoo, here comes Ian Sommerhalder

Ian is chomping on healthy snacks

Looking right at me!

I was a little sneaky and had my skype on with my daughter Ashton so she could get to see Ian and for him to say Hi to her :) and that the picture he was signing was for Ashton. His reply, "You're a good parent to do that for your daughter." And I got a wink from Ian :)
He also asked Seren to show him her painted pretty red nails and said we have cute girls.

She went to cry x
This is the picture I had Ian sign for my daughter.
Lush or what!

Also, Ian's brother, Bob Sommerhalder, they have a company together building wonderful items for sale from reclaimed barnwood.
Check out their site Builtofbarnwood, HERE

This is what I bought from, Bob Sommerhalder/Iam Sommerholders booth at Comic Con.
And Bob's signature below on the back.

One of many best day's Ever:)
And I have Jason to thank for paying for it :)

Look at those blue eyes! And yes they are that blue in real life.


  1. Jason rocked with this present. I'm glad it was a blast.

    1. Jason did rock getting me the VIP ticket :)


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