Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blind Date - My Writing

Blind Dates. How many of us have been on one of these, either a set up via a friend or family member wanting you to just give it a try, no harm done right!!

Well sometimes blind dates go great, other times Not so great. What's your story, Id love to hear from you.

Here is my take on a 'Blind Date'
Enjoy & please tell your your thoughts about my writing.

Here's Vinny’s prospective of the Blind Date.

Vincenzo sat at a neatly laid table set for two at his local Italian restaurant, already downed one bottle of beer, he set to work on his second. Pushing back his selves he glanced at his watch, his date still hadn’t shown up. His stomach started to grumble so he hailed the waitress and ordered a large side garlic bread sticks with extra garlic. When the waitress brought them to his table, he made light work of them.

Earlier in the week his cousin, Ron had called Vinny and told him he’d set him up on a 'Blind Date' with a hot red headed nurse called, Bailey. Now he sat alone in a busy restaurant, wearing his favorite red shirt and having eaten three of the bread sticks, he started to wonder, why he agreed to this. About to take another swig of his cold beer, Vinny eyed ah sexy red haired girl standing in the restaurant foyer. “Stunning.” He thought watched as she ran her fingers through her long glossy Tresses, Next she took off her over-coat and hung it on the coat rack. “Wow,” he mouthed, his  mouth gaped open, he could not believe his luck. 

So this was his date, this was Bailey. Now he was glad he decided to stay. He watched as Bailey turned to face the tables and now that she didn’t have her overcoat to cover her figure, Vinny gave her the typical slow look from head to toe.

She had all the right curves in all the right places, he loved his girls who had a little bit of meat on their bones, not girls who looked like stick insects, who only ate lettuce leaves. Another thing he loved were, girls who also packed some junk in their trunk but as she turned around and spoke to the hostess he saw she lacked that quality.“Ah well,”he thought, “Can’t win em’ all.”Swigging his beer, he watched the sexy redhead walk his way, he smiled when she stopped next to his table.

Vincenzo?” Bailey asked.

Bada, Bing, Bada Boom, Vinny thought to himself, then said, “Call me, Vinny, everyone calls me, Vinny.”

Hi, Vinny. I’m Bailey.”

Hey, glad yo’s made it.”

Sorry I’m a little late there was a hold up on the subway.”

Vinny watched as she brushed a stray hair behind her ear, and how she made a simple gesture look - sexy. No, problems, yo’s good, sit down lets’ eat. So, what’s you wanna eat, I’m starving.” showing his pearly whites.

After placing their order, Vinny and Bailey started to make light conversation. He asked her about what she liked to do and to his surprise, she liked sports, just like him. She liked Italian, just like he did. Things were going from, okay to great and Vinny was sure he would be walking her home later on, maybe plant a kiss on her or if he played his cards rightmaybe something more. Their dinner arrived.

Here you go; who had the Lasagna?” the waitress asked.

That would be me,” Bailey replied, “Mm… smells great.”

Then this must be yours.” As the waitress placed the plate in front of, Vinny.

Bada Bing, Bada Boom. This looks great, let’s eat.” Vinny said.

Vinny chowed down on his Spaghetti and meatballs, Bailey ate her lasagna. They talked as they ate, and Vinny couldn’t stop looking at Bailey. She would look back at Vinny and smile. Vinny thought to himself, she  must like me and who wouldn’t. I’m handsome, Italian and very sexy.  He smiled and thought, How’s a guy like me, ended up sitting across from this hot Red Head, he felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

Here's Bailey’s Prospective on the Blind Date:

Bailey felt enough time had gone by from breaking up with her last boyfriend, and she finally agreed to go on a blind date which her best friend’s, boyfriend had set up. After getting home from a long and busy day at the hospital, Bailey showered, dried and after putting on fresh clean underwear, she shimmied into her skinny jeans, chose a sexy dark shade of green shirt to wear, then slipped on her black high heels. Grabbing her trench coat, purse and keys she headed out. Time was running late so she decided to take the subway to the restaurant, not knowing she’d be delayed. As she looked at the time on her cell phone she hoped Vincenzo would wait for her.

 Stepping up out of the subway, she still had a block till Bailey reached the restaurant. Bending down she slipped off her shoes and ran, she didn’t want to be any later than she already was. As she rounded the corner she could see the fluttering of the neon sign of the restaurant. Just before walking in, she slipped her shoes back on, caught her breath took hold of the door handle and opened it then stepped into the busy foyer. She quickly ran her hand through her gently tangled hair. Bailey glanced at her reflection in the window, noticing her face was flushed, and the heat inside didn't help any. Under buttoning her coat she hoped it would cool her down a little quicker.

Great,” Bailey mumbled under her breath, “My hair.” She moved an annoying part of hair behind her ear, wishing now that she had put her hair in a Bun. 

A strong southern accent startled her, Hi, y'all. I hope you Don’t wanna table, we’re booked for another solid hour.” the Hostess smiled.

Hi, No, I don’t need to book a table thank you. But I do have a date waiting for me.”

His name?”


Ah yes, I'll take your table," she winked, "He’s been waiting for you.”

Bailey smiled,  turned to face the main seating area and followed the hostess, scanning the room as she walked. All her best friend had told her was, he’s single, Handsome, an Italian and will be wearing a red shirt. Then her eyes found Vinny. He was looking her way with a big cheesy grin on his face. He was Very handsome and looked very much the Italian. Her friend had Forgotten to mention he was muscular, which she liked a lot and she hoped he spoke Italian, she loved guys with an accent.

The closer she got her  eyebrows arched… What on earth was he wearing! An awful garish tight red crinkly shirt, lit looked like he'd got it from the Seventies, she thought. When she arrived at the table, she thanked the hostess and smiled at, a leering Vinny. Thinking to herself. “Never Judge a book by its cover, Bailey.”

Vincenzo?” she smiled.

With his cheesy grin he replied, Call’s me Vinny, everyone call’s me Vinny.”

There goes my ideal Image of a sexy husky Italian voice, Bailey Smiled.

Hi, Vinny. I’m Bailey.” She waited for him to be the gentleman and stand and hold her chair open for her to sit.

Hey, glad yo’s made it. Wasn’t sure yo’s come.”

Brushing that annoying stray strand of hair behind her ear again, Bailey answered,“Yeah, sorry I’m a little late, there was a hold up on the subway.” With no sign of Vinny ever going to be gallant, Bailey sat.

No, problems yo’s good, sit down let’s order. What you wanna eat, I’m Starving.”
Great, why did he have to speak! Bailey thought. He most definitely wasn’t from Italy, most likely his Great, great granddad came over during the war and what was with his Accent! He didn’t sound like Joey off the TV show “Friends” That was what her friend told her – he sounded worse, more like Joe Pesci.

To get the waitress’s attention, Vinny kept clicking his fingers. Bailey rolled her eyes, how Impolite. They ordered their meals then, Vinny droned on and on about Sports. She mentioned that she'd watched a baseball game once, then Vinny went off on a tangent about his favorite team and who were the best, and worst players. He didn’t stop! He kept going and whenever Bailey tried to add anything, he constantly butted in.

When the food came, Bailey could not believe her eyes or ears. He’d said, “Bada Bing, Bada Boom!” Who would say that she thought. And it looked like he had forgotten all form of table manners, his spaghetti sauce splashed across his cheeks and dribbled down his chin as he ate it. When he smiled, there was something green stuck between his teeth! Bailey rolled her eyes, she hardly ate any of her lasagne, just the sound of Vinny eating completely put her off her food. Trying again to strike up a conversation, Bailey asked, So what  do you think about the situation regarding the city’s re-route of main street?”

"Not a great idea." He continued to yap on about how much longer it would take him to get to the gym. Then that took him to boast about how many reps he did at the gym. Bailey politely smiled and nodded in the right places of conversation, she couldn’t take any more of this and wished for this date to be over. If, Vinny dared to ask her if he could walk her home, she knew there would be no way on earth she'd allow that and heaven help her if he tried to kiss her! Yuk.


  1. This is a great story darling. I enjoyed it!

  2. Thank you :) It was fun to write, bada bing, bada

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