Saturday, November 16, 2013

Book Pages Christmas Tree

After seeing a Christmas Tree made from the pages of a book on Pinterest
I knew it was time to get my Glue gun, glue sticks and dig out those dinged up thrift store books.

I pre made cardboard Circle Templates. Take your book place your templates onto the book pages ( I did quite a few pages at a time) then trace around and cut out. Set all the different sized circles to one side.

Using a wooden spool, from Hobby Lobby, I glued it onto a scrap piece of wood.

Next I glued a piece of paper onto the wood spool

Next I filled the hole with Glue

I pre sharpened a wood dowel Then stuck that into the hole with the glue.

Hold until set

Using the front book cover I cut around the large circle template. This will make for s good strong base.

Add glue to the top of the wood spool

then stick the Cardboard circle on top

For spacers I used a cut up straw & small pieces of felt


Now before you start to assemble the tree, start with the largest paper circles and scrunch some up with your hand - be careful not to tear them.

Now start to assemble

Add 3 pieces of paper then a spacer 

Keep adding all the different sized circles, don't forget to scrunch the circles up first.

When you're happy with how your tree looks, here is what I did next. I dipped a paint brush into some glue, and painted the edges of the paper circles, then sprinkled Glitter over it. Let it dry for a minute or two, then tap off the remainder of glitter.
 It's time to add the topper

I used a smaller wooden spool, which I also glued a piece of paper onto. Glue you wooden dowel and add the spool on top.

 I choose a red berry for my topper, I  dipped it on glue and sprinkled white glitter over it, and set it to dry

While that was working I worked on the base. Taking some Burlap, I glued the side and lifted the burlap on to it.

Taking some twine, I wrapped it around the base of the bottom spool.

 Again the pictures of the next step has vanished ! ( Gosh I must be able to do magic now- that or I pressed delete by mistake !)

I tied jingle bells to some twine & tied it on the top wood spool & added a red bow.

Book Page Christmas Trees

For this tree I didn't add glitter to it, just some red berries

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