Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rustic Thanksgiving Sign

'TIS The Season'
Giving Thanks

November is the month we 'Give Thanks'
So with that in mind, my craft minded, mind  (gosh 3 mind's in that sentence, oops now 4 lol)

Set in motion to see what I can come up with for my front 'porchish' display.
Albeit, there's not much I can do with College Student Apartments & 'Fire Hazard'
So my display had to be on the smaller scale.

I'd picked up some wood crates a while back from my local grocery store 3 for $10 !! What a steal. Which I used & I also found a tall Wooden Ladder at the local thrift store for $5 !! Again a steal, ESP as I have wanted a Wooden Ladder since seeing in used as Home Decor! Which I will do 'When we have our own home' once Jason is done with his Masters.

I set up my front display and knew there was something missing.

What was missing? A Simple Wording Sign. And this is a quick and easy sign to make It took me

So rummaging through my wood pile (albeit small) I found a piece which would work for what I wanted to use for my sign.

 I gave the wood a very light spray of Ivory Primer & Paint first.

Then using the cheapest Walmart Spray Paint, I gave the wood 3 coats and let it dry.

Once dried, I marked where I wanted to drill my holes for the twine.

I threaded the Twine and knotted it.

I tied the twine, big enough so it wouldn't slip through the hole.
Once you have done the one side, do the same for the side.

I then used simple chalk and drew my outline.

The using my White Bistro Chalk Marker, I filled my wording in.

Here is my finished Rustic Thanksgiving Sign

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