Friday, November 15, 2013

Drop Cloth 'Give Thanks Banner.'

Give Thanks.

If you have a spare 30 minutes, then you can make a quick 'Give Thanks' Banner.

I used Scrap Drop Cloth, Twine, Painters Black Pen, Glue Gun, Scissors.

I always keep the hard backing from scrapbooking, they make great templates.

Take your Drop Cloth and trace around your template.

Cut out your pattern, using a pinking shears

Next I used chalk, to draw my letter on to each section.

Take your Painters Pen and trace over you chalk outline.

Next I filled out the lines

Then filled the letter in.

Added a little extra

Now when you painting on drop cloth material, the pen will become matted with the fibers

So just take some kitchen towel and wipe off.

When you have finished filling in your letters, Its time to add you twine.

Using a glue gun glue a line close to the top and glue your twine on.

I added a blob of glue over the twine at the ends and middle, just to be safe :)

Cut some  thin strips of the drop cloth.

Tie them onto the twine, in between each letter.

Now its ready to hang 

Give Thanks Banner

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