Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thor : The Dark World

Well, Jason and I finally went to see, 'Thor : The Dark World', last night and my goodness what can I say other than,

I Loved it.'t give in and see any, previews of the movies either, so each scene was new, and for once during a movie, I didn't worry about my little girls at home with the babysitter. That's how much it held my attention.

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the 1st Thor movie, even if it was a bit cheesy, but after watching the 2nd Thor movie, it bay far beats the first.

Not only has is quite the cast, quite a few British Actors too.  I loved Anthony Hopkins voice, I can hear hints of his Welsh accent creeping out, which gives me lovely memories of home ( He's Welsh - I'm Welsh). 
Rene Russo has a quick, but good fight scene - way to go Frigga!!

Chris Hemsworth has grown into his character; Thor. Also, there's the minus, that's over the top huge shoulder cape he wore in the first movie ( this new movie the over the top width of shoulder cape is scaled down) and with his long flowing richer color locks, his bright blue eyes and dreamy, Australian accent, plus a shirtless scene - oh my !! Lol, Chris Hemsworth gave a pretty good all round performance.
I love the brotherly contention with Loki still rings true in this movie, yet they both have some choice one liners!

But what made the movie for me, and held my attention every time he was on screen, was Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston. Even though his scenes weren't huge, it didn't matter. Every second he is on screen - he steals it, from Thor/Chris Hemsworth. The details of  the Goldish Celtic detail of the prison cell, which Loki is held in is beautiful. The performance of Loki is superb, he has wonderful one liners, a wickedly dashing  mischievous smirk yet a heart tugging moment in his cell, when he hears the news of Frigga, his stepmother. He owns every scene he is in, and what more can we ask from  'The God of Mischief'  -  I just wished he had more screen time.

All round A Great Movie, well worth seeing on the big screen.
Go check it out.

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