Saturday, November 9, 2013

Today I'm Thankful For....

Today has been like most days at home, wake up groggy after another night of disturbed sleep from Carys & Seren waking me up. The kids wake up hungry and wanting breakfast - get them fed, clean them up, dress Carys ( Seren evaded getting dressed - as she ran around the house in her pajama top and undies!! Lol All while I walk around feeling like a Zombie!!

Have, a friend call to say they were stopping by in 1 hour - then you have A, ARGH  moment, realizing I have not washed or dressed, my hair looks like a very messy birds nest, my mascara has left streaks marks on my face from the day before's make- up (which I was so tired last night I forget to wash it off) then it is ... All Systems Full Speed Ahead.  I'm dashing here and there, picking up bits of soggy Rice Krispies from the floor and the refrigerator door (Thanks to Carys getting all 'Artisic' on me during breakfast) Then I chase Seren, around out 'Lil' place, and in the end, resorting to tickling her into submission, to finally dress her.

Next I scramble to get the dishes washed, while eating my cold piece of toast, tidy the living area of, Serens array of very hard plastic zoo animals, which I was lucky to step on - as I stifled an ARGH!!! Then I had literally 10 minutes to get myself ready. Well no time for a shower!! So quick top'n'tail wash, clean undies, brush teeth, brush hair and tie it back in a pony- yet again. Pop on sweats and a top, slap on some very quick make up - well pencil in my faint eyebrows, some mascara and blush...That was gonna have to do.

Then the doorbell rings- "Visitor" calls out Seren as she runs to the door. Then I sit for 10 minutes and catch up with my friend, only to hear Seren from her bedroom ( now this is the one time, I like having such a small place) She was trying to clear her throat, then I could hear that it was more than that -

She was CHOKING!!

My stomach sank, and a wave of panic ran through me; I flew off the sofa, and Seren just stood there at her bedroom door..... Tears rolling down her face trying to cough whatever it was up, and realizing she couldn't do it. I swooped her up, tipped her forward and with the heal of my hand banged her between her shoulder blades.....

NOTHING...... Nothing was coming out. I had to bang her harder on her back. I kept at it until, I hear Seren take a breath in.. And I see what she had been choking on, laying on the floor - it was a Quarter!!

I picked it up and we went to sit on the sofa. Needless to say she clung to me, not wanting to let go. I gently rubbed her back, as my friend and I finished what turned out to be a quick chat. .

I sat with Seren for a little while to reassure her she was okay, then as I went to get her a glass of water, as I turned around I saw Carys giving Seren a hug and saying in her baby talk.."Isa ok, Isa ok."

And as for where Seren got the quarter from, I know. I have a small welsh dragon money box which I thought was empty, until earlier than morning, Seren brought to me and shook it asking "for the treasure inside' - the quarter!! Which after she looked at it, I thought I'd put it away.... But my busy, crazy morning and my zombie, mommy brain...I'd forgotten. All this before 11:30am!

Today I am so Thankful for..... My quick reaction, staying somewhat calm and knowing what to do to be able to dislodging that dumb Quarter and how sweet and caring my 2 little girls are.

Be Thankful for Small Miracles, for we may never know when we will rely on them...because the size of a quarter in a little 3 year old's NOT GOOD..... Today we were blessed and from now on there won't be any loose change around for any of the girls to get a hold on - that I am certain of. NO more close calls like that again.

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