Friday, April 8, 2016

Beautiful Day

Spring is most definitely in the air but it feels more like summer time that we'd get back home in, Wales, Great Britain.


Happy Birthday Seren And Carys

This year Seren turned 6 and Carys turned 4 and the theme for their joint party

Princess - Pink Princess.

And let me say I think  I went overboard with the pink. Talk about  Pink explosion! 

I used plastic tablecloths from the dollar store and hung them over the windows, made banners and lots of balloons.

Although, it looked fabulous even I say so myself :)

See how I made the Tutu Cupcake Stand HERE

Table settings
Fit for a Princess or two or three or four :)

I made cupcakes for the girls.

Lots of yummy Sugary treats

Pink Princess Popcorn

Princess Pretzel Wands

More Princess paper wrappers

What it looked like before the Little Princess arrived!


Musical Statues

Funny Face Time
This is my granddaughter, Paisley



 Princess Photo Booth Time

Pass The Parcel

Happy Birthday to CARYS

Happy Birthday To SEREN

Here are all the Little Princess's in the Princess Photo Booth.
Click HERE to see how I made it.


Tutu For A Cupcake Stand

To follow the Princess Theme for the girl's birthday's in March
 - I decided to make a Tutu for a cupcake stand.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy to make - just takes time.

Buy stretchy hairband fabric, wrap around the size of stand you want to use.
Cut and stitch the ends together to make a circle.

Then cut into strips. I did  2" wide strips x the length from the top of the stand to the bottom of it. Make sure you double it as you'll tie it on

Pop your stretchy band around the stand and begin adding the tulle.
I used three different colors.
Pink of course to match Princess Theme

Here is the one finished that I'll use for the gift bags to sit on

And this larger stand is for the cupcakes.

The Finished Tutu Covered Cupcake Stands

Pretty in Pink 

Princess Castle Photo Booth

With both daughters having birthdays in March it thought a Princess Theme would be great.
 Then my aging grey cells got a churning and I came up with making a Princess Castle out of...guess what.... Cardboard Moving Boxes, Poster board, Craft Paper, glue and the good old duck tape.

Start with a LARGE moving box

Cut in half

Then using Poster Board I strengthened the inside before sticking both halves of the moving box back together.

I used a Medium Moving box, cut into 4 and made a tower shape.
I used more poster board on the backside for stability.

Using one poster board make a fancy top. for the main castle

And a simple triangle for the Tower roof.

Duck Tape works wonders, don't you agree :)

I cut out a heart window

Made some simple cardboard stands from the cut off cardboard.

Glue the front

Cover with craft paper - trim all the edges

Let it dry over night.

Then came painting day.

The girls, had to help, it was for their birthday party after all!

And the final product!

I painted it to look like a castle, added glitter
 (which I'm still finding in the nook and cranny's of our home)
I glued on green leaves, flowers and butterflies I picked up from the dollar store
Then from Michael's I picked up clip on Butterflies to add the final touch.


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