Friday, April 8, 2016

Our New Home

Last October, Jason, I and the girls went to visit a model home in West Jordan, Utah.

Built by Holmes Homes 
(the landing page of their site has a slide of homes - one of which is for Bluffdale. That pic is the one from the model home I fell in love with the model type is called Hannah)

I'd already fallen in love with the pictures of it and now was the time to see it in the flesh -- or more like, bricks and mortar! Lol

No sooner as we walked through the garage into the kitchen -- AHH! Angels singing  moment. The kitchen was my dream one and I knew this was the house for us. 

That same day we signed with Holmes Homes - see the virtual tour of the exact home were having built HERE for our home to be built in Bluffdale, Utah. 

It should have been built by now but as we all know....! Building permits, Design meetings to pick our colors and everything else that goes into turning wood and nails into a home, plus delayed/missed meetings later, things begun to move and boy once they get started things move along pretty quickly. are some pictures of the beginnings 
Second week of March.

Footings poured.

Amazing that this gaping hole will be our garage.

One week later the dirt had been filled back in. 
This picture is the view from the back of our home.

The following week which was last Sat 2nd April
The garage is up

The beams that will be the ceiling of the basement and floor of the main floor.

And one week from the last picture
Here is  how our home looks today
Friday, April 8th 2016

It's beginning to look like a home :)

The North side of our home

Front of the house faces West.

Inside the main Floor

The Kitchen/ Dining Area

Stairs to second floor. No roof yet but I'm guessing it will be up by end of next week!

Upstairs. Don't look like much but I can see where each room will be :)

The Basement

The Basement Stairs

The View of the back of our home from the corner of our property

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