Friday, April 8, 2016

Princess Castle Photo Booth

With both daughters having birthdays in March it thought a Princess Theme would be great.
 Then my aging grey cells got a churning and I came up with making a Princess Castle out of...guess what.... Cardboard Moving Boxes, Poster board, Craft Paper, glue and the good old duck tape.

Start with a LARGE moving box

Cut in half

Then using Poster Board I strengthened the inside before sticking both halves of the moving box back together.

I used a Medium Moving box, cut into 4 and made a tower shape.
I used more poster board on the backside for stability.

Using one poster board make a fancy top. for the main castle

And a simple triangle for the Tower roof.

Duck Tape works wonders, don't you agree :)

I cut out a heart window

Made some simple cardboard stands from the cut off cardboard.

Glue the front

Cover with craft paper - trim all the edges

Let it dry over night.

Then came painting day.

The girls, had to help, it was for their birthday party after all!

And the final product!

I painted it to look like a castle, added glitter
 (which I'm still finding in the nook and cranny's of our home)
I glued on green leaves, flowers and butterflies I picked up from the dollar store
Then from Michael's I picked up clip on Butterflies to add the final touch.


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