Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Daughter, Jade's Wedding

So my second eldest daughter, Jade got married to Phil at the beginning of this month!
Which is a beautiful wedding venue.

It's crazy - three of my daughters are now married and have children.
My son and 16 year old are the next in line. Well, not my 16 year old that is - she'd better wait a flipping long time lol

But all in all it was a most wonderful day.

Here are some pictures from that special day
August 4th 2016

They got married in front of the waterfall.

The afternoon was spent curling hair!

My dress and Jades Vera Wang Wedding gown

The Bridesmaids flowers

The Brides Flowers

Food table flowers

Flowers for the Tables

Guest book table

Time for the bride - Jade to get her hair and make-up done

The Flower Girls
left to right
Carys, Seren and Paisley

Ashton's back of her hair

Ashton and Brooky

The Bride and Seren

Jade with her bridemaids, all ready to walk down the isle

I didn't snap any pictures of the ceremony, I was too busy crying :)

But afterwards we snapped away

Jason and me :)

Selfie time with my 16 year old daughter Ashton

What's that poking your nose?

Cutting the cake and toasting time

Bride and Groom first married couple dance to the song

My two daughters dancing

Jade, her daughter Paisley and her step daughter Brooky.


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