Sunday, November 19, 2017

It's Trolls Time

When you're blessed with the ability to draw and paint, when parties or anything that would require something cool to display - you get called upon.

So, it was this past week, when my daughter messaged me saying that my son's girlfriend wanted some Trolls, namely Poppy and Branch painted for her little one's (my granddaughters) 2nd birthday and would I help.

It was wonderful helping out my daughter and giving her some tips how to blend paint and use certain tricks to achieve, what I think (and so does she and everyone else whose seen it) an amazing outcome of back breaking, sore knees, joint hard work.

We started with some plywood, gave it a couple of coats of white paint.
Then sketched out the design.

Then before we painted my daughters husband cut out the faces, so the children can put their own faces in for pictures.

Then we got to work. I painted Poppy and the background, while my daughter Jade painted Branch

Then Jade printed off the TROLLS logo and glued it on, then did a layer of Elmers glue to seal it. Also her hubby added some plywood to the side so it could stand up.

Then it was time to party!
Paisley is on the left and Autumn on the right

Carys on the left and Seren on the right

And my daughter is thinking now to place and AD to rent this out for parties and birthdays!

I say why not ;)


Fall Fun 2017

I'm am seriously playing blog catch up aren't I.

Although, I really don't want to a bunch of posts that would cover the months, April through September. So, October will have to do and I'll have to try to keep up with my blog posting. 

October as we all know is a fun month for kids and some adults too, esp if they love Halloween and all the dressing up that comes with it.

It started with myself, my little one, Carys and a couple of my friends, Summer and her two little ones, Rhea and Atlas, and a neighbors little girl, Emery.  Brighton and her two little ones Cambria and Malin.
As we all headed to






I Must say we all had a blast and spent more than we wanted on pumpkins!


Seren had decided on NOT being a princess and choose to go with Zombie Prom Queen!
Carys choose to go as Sleeping Beauty to school.

When it was time to go trick or treating, Carys changed her mind and decided to go as Anna, from Frozen.

I must say I had fun applying Seren's make-up

My cute little grand-daughter, Autumn dressed as yes, you've guessed it...


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