Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Last year, I stumbled upon a band called, HURTS.

They are a British, Synth Pop group, Theo Hutchcraft & Adam Anderson.They have quite the diverse mix of sounds. A mash up between, Depeche Mode, Muse and even a few bars that remind me of a song by Micheal Jackson, yet, a very distinctive sound and clothing style of their own.

You might have heard one or two of their songs. 
They have even paired up with 
artists like Kylie Minogue on the song, Devotion

and Calvin Harris' Under Control

and Ecstasy

I must admit, I've had HURTS songs on repeat for months and have even got three of my older daughters to love them too. Two of my daughters,  Laurie and Ashton even got to go see them in Concert last December at the O2 Apollo in Manchester, in Great Britain. 
Can I say - I was uber jealous :) But living in USA, makes for going to see HURTS in concert rather hard lol

This is the song Lights
One of mine and my daughter, Ashton's favorites

But I did get a a mug and T-shirt that Ashton brought over for me  when she came fro Christmas. Ashton also did a documentary on HURTS for a project at College and I must say I think she did a great job :) Even her sister, Laurie was kind enough to take part in the question section.

This is Hurts on BBC MUSIC on Dec 8th 2017

Anyway - I would say to listen to all of HURTS songs and maybe you'll become hooked on them like me :)

Here is the video documentary my daughter, Ashton made. 


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