Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Madison's Stake Relief Society Womens Conference 2015

 I was asked to help decorate for  our Madison's Stake Relief Society Womens Conference, to which I said -- YES.

Rejoice and Be Glad was the theme and what did the decorating committee decide upon -- Giant paper crepe and tissue flowers. We set to work bouncing ideas back and forth until we came up with a plan. We had some great ladies working together and I think the decoration turned out GREAT.

I set about making the coffee filter roses via Martha Stewart these would go be used with the grass that would be grown.

I also made some simple round coffee filter flowers for fillers see HERE where I got the original instructions from and HERE for my pictures.

Then we also had a few days at Stephanies home, making giant tissue paper flowers - we got the inspiration from HERE

Mandy did the backdrop using chicken wire and the giant flowers we made, notice the small round coffee filters I made used as fillers.

Giant crepe and tissue paper flowers used to cover the not so pretty walls lol

Here are the centerpieces for the table all 24 of them!

The cone coffee filter roses look great

Mandy decided to make this tissue paper hanging flower tree!

Here are our ward's Sister Missionaries and ME posing for a picture.
The whole morning was wonderful and we listened to some amazing talks and we played minute to win it games, which made us giggle. We had a light lunch, consisting of salad, meats and toppings.


  1. Hi I would love to know how your stake leaders ran your sisters conference please? Thank you

  2. From what I can remember (as I wasn't on the Stake R/S, I was just asked to to help with the decorations) There were a group assigned to to the decorations, group to help with setting up tables and chairs, another group to help prepare the food.

    To start they served the light lunch, consisting of salad, toppings and a selection of cold meats with cookies for dessert.

    Then they played minute to win it games followed by talks by The Stake President, R/S Secretary and the R/S stake president.

    We we're all given a wooden block (Rejoice and be Glad) to take home as shown in my pictures above.

    Hope this helps :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for your comment. I must admit it was a wow factor seeing the whole hall transformed from all the hard work we all did.

  4. I am so pleased to have these details about Madison's Stake Relief Society Womens Conference. It looks great. I liked their work a lot. At the local corporate events Chicago venue we also hosted conference and luncheon and the way our organization team worked was worth all the praise.

  5. Thank you for commenting :) I was a fun event to plan and see it all come together. Then having kind comments like yours makes it all worth while.

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