Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dancing with the stars 2015

I love watching Dancing With The Stars and this year the celeb's taking part in it's 10th year the competition is really good and profound thanks to Noah Galloway, an ex army vet who has one arm and no leg from his thigh down. Yet, he still amazes me each week!

I am so impressed with the dancing this year and look forward to watching each week.

The top runners are, Rumor Willis - who is amazing and seeing her Mom, Demi Moore and her dad, Bruce Willis and siblings cheering her on is cool.

Riker Lynch, I just loved his Capt Jack dance this week. Stong music and strong dancing.

Nastia Liukin and her dance from Frozen is wonderful and her partner Derek Hough is amazing as usual.

Willow Sheilds, maybe the youngest, but the last two dances she has been amazing too! Her partner Mark Ballas is such an creative dancer.

There are more dancers, but these are my top likes :) Who will win?
We'll have to watcgh and see won't we.

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