Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Wizard of Ahh's - Madison 1st Ward Relief Society Activity

Last night we had our church relief society  monthly activity. To find out more about why we hold these activities HERE

I found this great skit HERE to set the scene for our Spring Clean & Get Organized activity named - 'The Wizard of Ahhs'.

I decided to go along with the theme of decorating and setting the scene like the movie, The Wizard of Oz - well, as best I could with a small budget and surroundings;) I made it look like everything was un-organized. Even so, I think it turned out well.

I made some giant tissue flowers and lollipops for the serving table

Caramel Candy Suckers - to represent the Lollipop Guild

I made some, Red Ruby Cookie Slippers and spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. 
Toto was keeping a close eye on those for me :)

Kaylee was our Dorothy, her little cutie of a daughter was our Toto.
As you can gather from the color of my face, I was the wicked Witch and my daughter Seren
Just had to make sure she got in on the picture moment :) 

Sarah, was our Glenda the good :)

Me and my two girls, Seren and Carys.

Seren did her own make-up :) for the evening. Carys opted for a little green eyeshadow and one beauty spot on each cheek. At the moment, Carys like to poke her tongue out while taking a picture!

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