Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Round Coffee Filter Roses.

So for our LDS stake relief society, women's conference I made a bunch of these 
Round coffee filter roses.

Click HERE for original idea

I dyed the filters using food coloring and dried them in a LOW oven until they dried
Make sure you keep an eye on them - you don't want a fire

Once dried, I cut the edges in a scollop style

Take 6 filters, I used two different sizes
Fold them in half and half again, then unfold

Then in the very center of the flower you need to pinch the underside together

Taking a stapler, staple the pinched filters together.

Lay the flower flat and open it up.

Then one filter at a time to lift it up

And pinch together

Continue to do this until each layer has been used

Flip it back over and take some clear tape and tape the staple end. 

And there you have it, an easy coffee filter flower.

And kids just love to make these :)

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