Sunday, October 18, 2015

Crimson Peak

This last Friday, my daughter Jade and I went to see the new 

If you love Gothic romance then you'll enjoy this, but we warned it has ghosts in it. Not quite the Casper the friendly ghost type, but some scary ones. 

The set design which was bewitching to say the least and costumes were made with such fine detail and if like me your an artist and love all things creative, this movie is a must! 

While recently watching or should I say swooning over Tom Hiddleston in an interview with Huffington Post in which it the question was asked about the set of the house and if it was still standing. It is not, it has been taken down! Shame I'd pay to walk around that set for sure - especially if I had Tom Hiddleston on my arm! :)

I will say though I look forward to Tom's new movie in which he plays the role of Hank Williams.

I did a blogpost a while back that Tom Hiddleston can cure depression, click HERE 
 I'm sure you'll agree with me.
Tom Hiddleston 
can most certainly put a smile on your face when you watch him do his snake his hips. Tom is an all rounder he acts, does incredible voices of other people even Kermit the frog! He makes you side for him when he plays the mischievous Loki, or simply makes you fall in love with that smile and those blue eyes and now he sings too! 



Thursday, October 15, 2015

Not Forgotten!

Hiya you all's. 

I have let my blog go of late :(  I will condense the last few months into one post, that way you won't have to read too much :)

I have been busy with packing and moving from Wisconsin back to Utah :)

 Jason finished his Master with a Thesis in Computer Science and we are now residing until March in Adagio apartments in Draper, Utah. 

Can I say how wonderful it is to be back in Utah, close to two of my older kids :) 

                                                                 IT'S WONDERFUL!

Plus, having a place that is bigger than 600 sq ft! Even though this place isn't huge, it seems like a mansion in comparison and with two bathrooms! Heaven :)

We moved back with just a week before my 15 year old daughter, Ashton flew back to Wales with her dad. It was a sweet moment when I surprised her and her sister in Cafe Rio. Tears were shed and plenty of hugs shared :) Time went to quickly but we valued each moment spent together. 

                            We visited the Aquarium

Me, Ashton and Jade

                                     LOTS OF SELFIES

                        ASHTON, BRADLEY AND ME

Then we celebrated Brad's 20th birthday!

Time has flown by and Seren is in kindergarten too!


We also have had fun shopping.
Check out my new hat!

These past few months have sped and it's the month of trick or treating too! 

Fingers crossed I won't let my blog get forgotten too much :)



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