Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Happy 2nd Birthday, Carys

Yesterday was a sunny day and it was also, 
Carys'  2nd Birthday.

How time flies when you especially don't want it to!

I can still remember, going through labor for the 7th and last time..with Carys.
She was a quick labor :-) I had been blessed with all quick labors..ranging from 5hrs , 4hrs, and my boy Brad..a whopping 50mins from start to finish..

Anyway a beautiful time, even when we are so tired and worn out from all that pushing. .But what a wonderful feeling when that sweet little bundle of joy is placed in your  arms for the first time..

Just wonderful x

We started her day with presents and cards, which she loved tearing open  the wrapping paper.
Also, her sister Seren squealed in delight at Carys getting a baby Lalaloopsy doll and wanting it for herself and crying hopelessly when she couldn't have it( she'll be happy when she gets one for her birthday next Saturday)

Like I mentioned it was a sunny day, warm enough to go out with a thick cardigan and let them splash in the snow puddles!!!

Later we had dinner and the as Carys birthday cake...

All in all a beautiful day celebrating our little darling Carys' 2nd birthday.

Both girls are determined to eat the whole slice in one bite! 

Outside splashing in snow puddles


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