Monday, March 3, 2014

What Do Subway Bread & Yoga Mats have In Common

Who of us hasn't had a Subway Sandwich?

I have and yes I did enjoy eating them too. But I haven't eaten one for about 7 months, but if you haven't heard by now that Subways Bread is not ALL GOOD!! Then read on.

What! We all thought it was the better and healthier alternative to other fast food joints. As it turns out their bread wasn't all it lived up to be. It is said it contained azodicarbonamide. A Chemical used in Rubber products and what's scary is that it in quite a bit of other food products!!

Subway has said it will stop using this chemical in its bread - but how long do we have to go on with other companies making money and creating health issues for us by using azodicarbonamide in other food products.

I also read this article and found it a little scary - just read it and see for yourself what we may or may not be buying and eating and exactly what BAD ingredients are in them.

Read the full article - "Don't Like Eating Rubber Yoga Mats"

Here is the complete list that has posted on their site, of which food companies use ADA -  azodicarbonamide in their products. Click on this link to read the article and see the list : 500 Ways to Make Yoga Mat Sandwich

I don't want to push anything on my blog followers, but I know for sure I don't want to eat ADA. The sad thing is I have at some point and as I have been trying to count calories I have been buying,

Healthy Life Brand Low Calorie Bread - WOW yep 35 or 40 calories per slice! Sounds great right - SO did I... But it always left me feeling not full. BUT take a closer look---

Ingredients (27):

SEE the ingredient - DOUGH CONDITOINER/S - that is another word for ADA

Then lately I have been making my own bread with simple Flour, Yeast, Oil, and Salt - making a YUMMY ALL NATURALL BREAD - which fills me up :) But then when I read the article about which companies use ADA -  azodicarbonamide, I most certainly NOT be buying it ever again.

From now on, I will keep this info on my cell, because I will certainly NOT be buying any of it - I don't want to be eating - chemical foaming agent” of choice. It is mixed into polymer plastic gel to generate tiny gas bubbles, something like champagne for plastics. The results are materials that are strong, light, spongy and malleable. 

I hope, I've given you some interesting FOOD for thought on what choices to make on what to eat or Not to eat.


  1. Its crazy how many weird chemicals they sneak into our foods. Its better just to make it yourself but a lot less convenient. Oh the never ending dilemma.

    1. I totally agree. I still remember my mother buyin freshly made bread every day, until she started to make her own. So much healthier, but yes it does take time to make. But I think now I'd rather take the time to bake my own.

  2. good to know. thanks for the info. will definitely be checking ingredients labels at the grocery store from now on!

    1. Yep...I know.I too, will be checking the ingredients on anything packaged from now on.

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