Saturday, March 22, 2014

Our Weekend Trip To Windy Chicago

With Jason done with midterms and Seren's 4th birthday on the 22nd...Jason persuaded me as a family to take a well earned trip to Chicago!

At first I didn't. ... Yes, I know.... What!! Well, let me explain.  I'm trying to lose some unwanted chocolate induced pounds from around my tummy and booty area. Which has left me my esteem a little on the low side....I know,7 kids and I shouldn't be so fixated on 'how I look' right.

Well, as a woman... I think, we all do... even if it's those couple of pounds or maybe a few more. We all want to look good and the most important part


And I need the later too. So for the past month I've been working out on elliptical and watch in my calories....and ugh not much success as of yet. So this past Wednesday I started my slim in six exercise dvd. And my golly!!! I most certainly am feeling it. I let myself go. I used to Irish dance and did tons of sports at school, I have always been active.

Getting older does take its toll and it's gonna take dedication for me to do this. So with a trip to Chicago and of course famous pizza and dogs!! I cringed at the thought of calorie overload. But I am gonna watch and stick to my calories and take my workout dvd.

So....we are on our Chicago trip. This was our day yesterday driving here. We stopped for lunch at Burgerfi... And I was good on my calories.

We also stopped at the LDS Chicago Temple. Which was wonderful and tranquil. Although cranky Seren was so happy about having pictures taken lol.

We got Downtown Chicago and checked in to La Quinta and then once unloaded headed out to the Sears/ Willis Tower and see if we could step out onto the glass Skydeck.


It was a little daunting. .. But we did it.

Um.....I think this burger, maybe a little TOO big!!


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