Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Feild Museum, Chicago.

Last Sunday, before we drove home from Chicago,  we visited Chicago's Field Museum. 
It houses 'Sue' the Trynnosaurus Rex. 
And boy, she is quite the dinosaur!

There was quite alot to see...we managed to get to see pretty much everything,  even if it was a quick walk through the plant section and the worlds fair, and bio-mechanics!!.The girls didn't find them that interesting :-)
In most of our pictures, Carys is crying....she didn't much like the skeletal displays or the lions or gorilla. .. Etc. lol
Seren, on th other hand wouldn't stand to have her picture! ! Kids.
It was a nice day... even if our feet and legs ached from ALL the walking.
On the way home, we stopped at Portillo's diner... drive through. We ordered a classic Chicago dog, burger, a chocolate cake batter, shake and salad for me.

The shake... oh, I had a slurp and it was different to say the least..but an little too sweet for me (I know the lady who loves chocolate right!)

I had a bite of the burger... Very good and 2 bites of the Chicago dog and that was pretty good too. Salad... Well is salad right.
Then we drove home... All tired out.

I have to say, I stuck with my calorie counting and with all the walking l, plus I did ny exercise dvd too while there...I was way under my calories :-)

All in all....a much needed break and a great trip to Chicago.

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