Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Walk.

Yesterday, the girls and I went for a walk to our friends' home for a super early Thanksgiving Dinner!! Yep... I know Thanksgiving in March,  but our friend's neighbor was fly at home to Shanghai today and she wanted to try an American Thanksgiving Meal. (Which by the way was super lovely - thanks Jessica)

As we bundled up for our walk Seren insisted on pushing Carys in the stroller....all the way only allowing me to have 1 hand to help guide lol...

And not only that, Seren was jabbering all the way there about, oh look at all the snow... And where's the Turkey's! !

On the way home... The stars were twinkling in the dark sky and the moon show in off its bright crescent shape..

Although Seren was saying... Where's the sun?

Me.... It's gone to bed because it's night time.

Seren... Oh ok!  Hello Mr moon... It's night time... And can you see the twinkling stars!!

Carys,  just kept saying..... Oh pretties up the sky

What a wonderful sweet walk with my girls.

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  1. How darling. I almost forgot how cold it can get here....


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