Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Round Coffee Filter Roses.

So for our LDS stake relief society, women's conference I made a bunch of these 
Round coffee filter roses.

Click HERE for original idea

I dyed the filters using food coloring and dried them in a LOW oven until they dried
Make sure you keep an eye on them - you don't want a fire

Once dried, I cut the edges in a scollop style

Take 6 filters, I used two different sizes
Fold them in half and half again, then unfold

Then in the very center of the flower you need to pinch the underside together

Taking a stapler, staple the pinched filters together.

Lay the flower flat and open it up.

Then one filter at a time to lift it up

And pinch together

Continue to do this until each layer has been used

Flip it back over and take some clear tape and tape the staple end. 

And there you have it, an easy coffee filter flower.

And kids just love to make these :)


Madison's Stake Relief Society Womens Conference 2015

 I was asked to help decorate for  our Madison's Stake Relief Society Womens Conference, to which I said -- YES.

Rejoice and Be Glad was the theme and what did the decorating committee decide upon -- Giant paper crepe and tissue flowers. We set to work bouncing ideas back and forth until we came up with a plan. We had some great ladies working together and I think the decoration turned out GREAT.

I set about making the coffee filter roses via Martha Stewart these would go be used with the grass that would be grown.

I also made some simple round coffee filter flowers for fillers see HERE where I got the original instructions from and HERE for my pictures.

Then we also had a few days at Stephanies home, making giant tissue paper flowers - we got the inspiration from HERE

Mandy did the backdrop using chicken wire and the giant flowers we made, notice the small round coffee filters I made used as fillers.

Giant crepe and tissue paper flowers used to cover the not so pretty walls lol

Here are the centerpieces for the table all 24 of them!

The cone coffee filter roses look great

Mandy decided to make this tissue paper hanging flower tree!

Here are our ward's Sister Missionaries and ME posing for a picture.
The whole morning was wonderful and we listened to some amazing talks and we played minute to win it games, which made us giggle. We had a light lunch, consisting of salad, meats and toppings.


Treat Readers With Respect - Beth Hill

Hey, my fellow readers :)

Just a quick post today, as I'm about go do a workout as i'm pushing hard with my exercise regime (I've lost 25lbs to date :) and more important - cracking on with my book :)

As i've said many times before - love getting writing tips in my email and today I have two more to share with you from Beth Hill via her blog page

Todays insight to this whole writing lark are these two wonderful posts from Beth.

Treat Readers With Respect   and    Is Your Storytelling Unbalanced.

These are great for us budding writers to keep our book on track and page turners :)

Well, I'm off to hash out details of the next chapter in my book, while I workout on my elliptical.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tom Hiddleston - He Can Cure Depression!

 Whilst browsing Pinterest, my sister Kaye had pinned a post with a picture of Tom Hiddleston on it.
Now if you for some odd reason are not on part of this amazing time sucking fab site that is Pinterest, then you'd best get going and start pinning!

This pinned post made me smile, swoon, giggle and really jiggle tummy laugh!
It might be Tom's soul searching blue eyes
 That melt your heart

Or his smoldering stare!

Or his infectious smile.


 I can rave till I'm  blue in the face, but it's best you let your eyes gander over the hunk that's named, Tom Hiddleston

 Thanks to all the ladies over at for  making such a great, easy on the eyes fun post!

And if that's not enough

Check out Tom's upcoming movie Due out this year
Crimson Peak.

And don't forget to 



Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dancing with the stars 2015

I love watching Dancing With The Stars and this year the celeb's taking part in it's 10th year the competition is really good and profound thanks to Noah Galloway, an ex army vet who has one arm and no leg from his thigh down. Yet, he still amazes me each week!

I am so impressed with the dancing this year and look forward to watching each week.

The top runners are, Rumor Willis - who is amazing and seeing her Mom, Demi Moore and her dad, Bruce Willis and siblings cheering her on is cool.

Riker Lynch, I just loved his Capt Jack dance this week. Stong music and strong dancing.

Nastia Liukin and her dance from Frozen is wonderful and her partner Derek Hough is amazing as usual.

Willow Sheilds, maybe the youngest, but the last two dances she has been amazing too! Her partner Mark Ballas is such an creative dancer.

There are more dancers, but these are my top likes :) Who will win?
We'll have to watcgh and see won't we.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How to Make a Vampire Not Suck - Philip Athans

As you all know I get emails from Writers Digest and this last one I received I cocked my eyebrow up at it. I love anything Vampire, but after reading the first few lines I became rather defensive for loving Vampire books or movies, yet I kept reading and enjoyed the whole article. 

And by the time i'm done with my first, second, thrid drafts and multiple edits, Vampire will be back in lol - Well for me they never go out of style, it's just trying to make them your own unique Vampire.

Read the Full Article by Philip Athan -- HERE

Let's give our readers some gripping, well written stories to get their teeth sunk into


Great Words Of Advice For Budding And Seasoned Writers

I love getting emails that help me progress or give me the, pull-your-socks-up-and-write-better, look!

Last week I made progress with my book, then school started back and so did  walking my daughter back and forth to 4K and my hubby was back at college too. So, there went my blocks of time to write - boohoo!

But, they say to write we must read and sometimes getting these emails, give me the boost and insight that I need. Maybe they can help you too :) Enjoy.

These articles are all from Beth Hill at


The Wizard of Ahh's - Madison 1st Ward Relief Society Activity

Last night we had our church relief society  monthly activity. To find out more about why we hold these activities HERE

I found this great skit HERE to set the scene for our Spring Clean & Get Organized activity named - 'The Wizard of Ahhs'.

I decided to go along with the theme of decorating and setting the scene like the movie, The Wizard of Oz - well, as best I could with a small budget and surroundings;) I made it look like everything was un-organized. Even so, I think it turned out well.

I made some giant tissue flowers and lollipops for the serving table

Caramel Candy Suckers - to represent the Lollipop Guild

I made some, Red Ruby Cookie Slippers and spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. 
Toto was keeping a close eye on those for me :)

Kaylee was our Dorothy, her little cutie of a daughter was our Toto.
As you can gather from the color of my face, I was the wicked Witch and my daughter Seren
Just had to make sure she got in on the picture moment :) 

Sarah, was our Glenda the good :)

Me and my two girls, Seren and Carys.

Seren did her own make-up :) for the evening. Carys opted for a little green eyeshadow and one beauty spot on each cheek. At the moment, Carys like to poke her tongue out while taking a picture!


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