Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bathroom Sink Curtain

The sink in our bathroom is small, to say the least and underneath is much less to be desired.
It's lime build up has irked me since we moved here. No matter how many times I clean the pipework under the sink, it still looks yucky! Plus, I can't drill any holes in the tiles, so that ruled out making a rod to go around it. Which led me to use Velcro.

In which my sewing machine and tape measure, called out, "Time to get sewing."

I Like the shower curtain we use, so the next trip to Target, I picked up another one. Got home took some quick measurements and started cutting and sewing a basic under sink curtain.

Ugly Fugly Right!

One shower curtain, Heavy duty Velcro and Elastic, Scissors, Tape Measure, Thread and a Sewing Machine.

Measure all the way around the sink.

Measure the length you want. I left mine at 1 1/2" off the floor, just to make cleaning easier.

Measure the length  from the BOTTOM of the shower curtain.
(This will be the bottom of one half of your curtain)

Leave 2 inches for you hem and cut the fabric.

Measure again from where you cut and cut across again. Now you have 2 smaller

Now I made the top part of the curtain. I folded the edge over and pinned the fabric. You're making a channel to thread the elastic through.

Sew down the one side, then move the needle over and sew to the end.

Picture on the Left, you can see here, what the Channel looks.

Now do the exact thing on the other curtain. Make sure you measure it to the first curtain.

Then, once you have done the top, you can sew a small hem to the bottom of the curtain.

Take the elastic and thread a safety pin on to it.

Take you curtain and thread the pin and elastic through.

Take it through both curtains, pulling and pushing the fabric as you go along.
Don't let go of the Pin, otherwise you'll find yourself re-threading!!
Which I have done plenty of times :)

Once you have the elastic all the way through, pull it up and knot it.

Next, I pushed the knotted elastic back down and left a little tail popping out.

Sew that little tail in place.

I used Command Hooks to secure that Little Elastic loop too. Then I cut strips of White Heavy Duty Velcro all around the sink.

Attach the curtain, pushing down HARD to the fabric adheres to the Velcro.






  1. You truly did an amazing job with this. It looks fantastic!

  2. Thx Jessica :) It was quite the easy and quick fix - Let me know if you need a hand, if you wanna make one for your bathroom sink.

  3. Thank u so much for this post..really appreciate it

    1. You are welcome:) It was a fun project to make.

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  5. Your article has piqued a lot of positive interest. I can see why since you have done such a good job of making it interesting.
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    1. Thank you for your comment :) It was fun making the sink curtain as well as posting how I did it.


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