Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year!

I'm a little late off the starting blocks, but none the less, I'm  here :) Over the years of making countless 'New Years Resolutions' and then at the end of January feeling rather deflated at failing those new set resolutions, this year I didn't make any!


Yep, I didn't make any. Why? Well, I'm choosing a different way to do things this year. Not that I'm not going to try to achieve to accomplish anything - I will. I just won't give myself any set time.

If I want to write, blog, work on my book - I will
If I want to try something - I will.
If I want to exercise - I will.
If I want to learn a new craft skill - I will.
If I want to just cuddle and play with my girls - I will.
If I want to read a book or 10 - I will.
If I want to have that lemon dessert - I will.
And last but not least, If I want chocolate and not feel guilty - I WILL!!

We, ladies can accomplish whatever our heart desires. WE mentally and literally make so many LISTS to do and feel so  deflated  when we don't achieve them, so what do we do - we stop trying. I am one who has been in that same boat.

Life is for living and not feeling we can't, but we can. Just remember, everything we do starts with BABY STEPS.


Write, blog, work on my book - I Will (Even if it's 20 minutes a day)
Try something new - I Will (No matter what - well no alcohol or drugs or stuff along those lines)
Exercise - I Will (Even if I only have 30 mins a day)
Learn a new craft skill - I will (Like? I;m not sure as what just yet, but I'm pretty sure there will be 1 or more)
Cuddle and play fun games with my girls - I Will ( Even if the dishes don't get washed, or the laundry waits until tomorrow)
Read a book or 10 - I Will (Even if it's 1 chapter a day, it actually helps my thought process for writing)
Have that lemon dessert - I Will (Maybe just once a month)
And last but not least, If I want chocolate and not feel guilty - I WILL!! ( Now this is a staple in my home- for my sanity, even  it's a small handful of Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips)

And if there are those days where we are PMS'ing or it's just one of 'Those Days' and we ladies all know what they can be like- JUST STOP, STAND STILL & BREATHE, think of a peaceful place. Then go about your day. If you're like me, then you may have a few of those, Stop, stand still & breathe :) Moments

And remember, no matter where you live, who you are and what you do - We are all loved :)

Have a wonderful, productive NEW 2014 YEAR :)

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